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Arbitration Agreement Essay

Alternative dispute resolution in India is not new and it was in existence even under the previous Arbitration Act, 1940. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 has been enacted to accommodate the...

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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05

Case Study Hamilton County Judges Essay

Hamilton County judges try thousands of cases per year. In an overwhelming majority of the cases disposed, the verdict stands as rendered. However, some cases are appealed, and of those appealed, some...

4 Pages, (908 Words)
Published: 2020-02-09 14:13:03

Court Structure in Srilanka Essay

The Supreme Court is the highest and final court of record, and exercises final civil and criminal appellate jurisdiction. Litigants who do not agree with a decision of the original court, be it civil...

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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05

Courtroom Observation Essay

This court case took place in the United States Supreme Court in the Northern District of Indiana. The plaintiff in this court case is Deborah White, represented by Amanda Babbitt and Jackson Walsh. T...

2 Pages, (393 Words)
Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05

Habeas Corpus Essay

In the past few years there has been people seeking the question what is the right process of eliminating terrorist from non-terrorist? How does this affect the United States and what things can we d...

8 Pages, (2120 Words)
Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05

Introducing Evidence Essay

In order to introduce the tape-recorded statements against Sanders, the declarant (Blair) must be unavailable as a witness according to Fed.R.Evid. 804. The statements by Blair fall under an exception...

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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05

The case Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co Essay

1.  In light of these facts, what are the chances of successfully bringing an antitrust suit against these manufacturers? Assume that there are no conflict-of-law or other procedural problems due to ...

3 Pages, (613 Words)
Published: 2020-02-09 14:20:08

The Juvenile Court System Essay

The Juvenile Court is the fulcrum around which rolls the judicial machinery for the treatment of juvenile offenders.  The court may counsel and dismiss a youthful offender or allow a discharge upon t...

5 Pages, (1136 Words)
Published: 2020-02-09 13:52:53