Young Interracial Couple Essay

Published: 2020-01-04 22:31:13
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What is the first thing you notice when you look at a photograph? Do you ever notice whats in the background or even the foreground? How well do you pay attention to detail? When looking at a photograph, we should consider using these tools to help us understand more about a photo. Bruce Davidson puts emphasis on figure-background, focal point, and color in his photograph really bringing about the composition of the photograph for his viewers.

One of the most important elements that Davidson includes within his photograph is figure-background contrast because of where this photo was taken, position, angle, and the background also bringing out the elements of the interracial couple. He poses that within the background, he contrasts the two-seater boats on the lake symbolizing love, the people walking around in pairs of two symbolizing relationships, and the moss hanging from the trees lining the lake creating a warm mood with the interracial couple being together in love and having a relationship with one another bringing out all the feelings and emotions portrayed by the couple.

The contrast in the dullness of the background and vividness of the couple in the foreground puts emphasis on the focal point of the photograph. Davidson gives small elements of couples boasting and walking about in the park to bring out the focal point of what he wanted the viewer to take from this photograph which is the interracial couple sitting in the foreground.

Every reader will have their own interpretation of the photograph but the focal point or main focus is on the interracial couple contrasted with the background and also the color of the photograph itself. Davidson portrays the young interracial couple in the photograph using the colors of black and white with an analogy to the couples racial contrast. The different uses of color and shading give the photograph a more powerful meaning and places strong emphasis on the couple as they are very distinctive upon a blurred background of other lovers.

The young male and female both embrace each other through feelings and emotions, love and passion, and bonding while Davidson uses color contrasting to help bring out the focal point of the photograph, the young interracial couple. All while the events are taking place in the backdrop and the two persons showing affection with a ring on the females finger, they all exemplify what Davidson conveys to his readers that the couple being different but come together as one to make a whole.

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