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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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a.Attention Getter Reviewing for weeks when a new year of school starts. You forget what youve learned the past year. b.Link- With year round school, you wouldnt have that problem. c.Thesis Statement


a.Year round school, some of you may not know what it is or what its purpose is. Year round school was established in the 1800s. The purpose of year round school is to have evenly distributed school days throughout the year for students not to forget what theyve learned.


a.Argument One First of all, I for one, is favoring in year round school. According to Ebsco host, Year-Round schooling, academic wise, year round school students have prone to do better than Traditional Calendar students. Some studies have found that during summer, learning loss is a real problem. With Year round school students wouldnt have that problem.

With a shorter summer break, students wouldnt have to spend that much time in beginning of a new school year reviewing. Year round school calendars are much more different, you have a 45/15 model or others have a 60/20 model. Where students and teachers go to school for 45 days or 60 days then get 15 days off or 20 days off, depending on the model the school chooses.

b.Argument Two Secondly, with the many breaks that come during the school year, families will have more opportunities to go on more vacations instead of having one per year. According to, Year-Round School Pros and Cons many families do appreciate having more vacations throughout the year.

c.Argument Three According to Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education, remediation can occur when it is most needed, for instance during the school year instead of the summer. Students who do good in school, and get the help that they need, wont need to work to pay for college. They can work hard for scholarships instead of going to work and save money for college.

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