World Wide Web and Internet Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The Internet is certainly the place for businesses to expand, reach new markets and provide new services but there must be a balanced approach to the Internet. The Internet must be regarded as a strategic resource important to the whole business. The technical detail of the Internet can be complex. Management responsibility however is more productively focused on managing the implementation process to achieve strategic goals and assure smooth, secure operations. The IS Manager must first define why the company wants to be connected to the Internet then move to establish the appropriate connection, choosing the most cost effective option between capacity and speed. For medium businesses it is recommended that high speed modem links to a provider with dedicated telephone lines would be most appropriate. Issues such as how to advertise and promote the company on the Web must then be tackled, taking into account the human and social issues on the net.

Users of the Web can include both employees and potential customers. By learning what and how the Internet can help the employees in their day to day work, non-business use of the Internet can be reduced, and by offering on-line services and supporting the customer via the Internet, a whole new market can be created for the business. A medium business would consider having a Web site with the Internet provider but perhaps creating and updating the web pages themselves. Finally security against intrusion has to be maintained. Technology is a vital tool to IS Managers to cope with this. Also by having the Web site at the provider and linking to the Internet by regular telephone lines it makes the companys data safe from hackers. In conclusion, with careful planning and proper management, putting a business on the Internet can make it more effective and productive.

However understanding and knowing how the rapid changes and various complex issues that can be encountered in getting the business onto the Net is imperative to its success. This responsibility lies largely on the IS Manager who must know what options are available to him or her before being able to cope with it. Surfing the internet can be an interest for people. But people need to use it properly. If not, it will become internet addiction. Internet addiction harmfulness is bigger than TV addiction. In deed internet addiction can be called a mental illness.Playing online games reasonably can make people happy on free time.

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