Womens Rights Do they need them Essay

Published: 2019-12-06 04:30:17
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Womens Rights Do they need them?


            Around the world women and girls are still being trafficked into sex slavery or forced labor or even married as children in spite of great strides which are being made over many years by international womens rights (Carnes, 1998). Women are denied access to political participation and education, and a number of them are ensnared in conflicts where rape is committed as a war weapon. Internationally deaths are deaths connected to childbirth and pregnancies are extremely high, and women are not permitted to make deep personal choices revolving around their private lives. Womens rights internationally serve a vital sign to understand the global well-being. Women ought to have the same level of respect as men. Therefore women should be allowed to enjoy their rights so as to safeguard their dignity therefore women really need to be granted those rights (Curry & Messina, 2005).

            Women have same capability as men and therefore should be granted same rights just like men. Human rights for a long time are based on gender, where majority of human rights are guaranteed only to men. Thus women rights assist women in acquiring equal rights as those of their male counterparts. The rights of women assist in empowering them. Women are able access equal education opportunities as men through womens rights (Curry & Messina, 2005). When women were denied their rights they were denied going to school and even owning their own businesses where their role was limited to staying at home and taking care of children. These rights are also vital to women since they assist in bringing to an end inhuman degradement and torture of women. This is because women have been degraded and tortured for a long time thus there was need for the womens rights so as to protect them from these vices (The Human Rights Watch global report on womens human rights, 1995).

            It is unfair and injustice to gain from what women has contributed to the nation without granting them similar rights as those of men. Also these rights of women assist the society in evolving (Curry & Messina, 2005). Through the rights of women such as right to equality these women are able to advance thus leading to advancement and evolving of the entire society. All the above reasons show that womens rights are very important in empowerment of women and therefore they really need those rights (Carnes, 1998).


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