Women Trafficking for Prostitution Essay

Published: 2019-12-09 10:51:45
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Trafficking in human beings is a gross violation of human rights, a modern day form of slavery and an extremely profitable business for organized crime. USAID (as cited in Asma, 2006) states people are annually bought and sold as prostitutes, domestic workers, sex slaves child labourers and child soldiers are between 700,000 to 4 million of people. Most of people thought that it is not a serious issue and they do not give full awareness about this matter. Did you think at least once about the people who are in that situation?

A suffer that they felt? How about if one of our family members is in that situation? Trafficking of women is a social problem, which needs arising awareness about its negative impacts. Although human trafficking gives profit to the trafficker, there are some disadvantages towards the victims. One of the advantages towards the trafficker is they can generate money by selling people. When they are doing human trafficking, they will get a great salary because the victims will be bid by the buyers with a higher price even though it is a illegal work.

Based on a movie Taken (2008), Kim was kidnapped by the trafficker and she was sold to the buyer with the highest price which is $500,000. Even nowadays, men, women and children are trafficked for forced labour and commercial sexual exploitation. According to the movie Taken (2008), it shows that young women went for travels are catch by a local citizen who pretends to be nice with them. Then, they were kidnapped and forced to be a prostitute. The traffickers do not have humanity and morality. Just because of money, they did not think about the effects towards the victims.

In short, although this activity is illegal, the traffickers still commit this crime in order to generate money. Although human trafficking has its positive effects, this crime also gives negative effects especially towards the women who have been trafficked as prostitutes whereby it involves physical injuries and sexual transmitted diseases. A study by Raymond (2001) found that injuries sustained by women as a result of Sexual Exploitation are broken bones, mouth and teeth injuries and also vaginal bleeding. They also will expose to get Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

All the injuries and illness will make their body become weak and terrible. Women who are forced to be prostitute can suffer various kind of consequences from the injuries related to the violence and diseases during the sexual intercourse. Thus, human trafficking that can lead to force prostitution may cause negative impact towards the women. Women who return after being trafficked for prostitution may face mental health impact. The mental health consequences of prostitution include relentless anxiety, insecurity and trauma.

It is clear that mental health consequences related to the trauma of trafficking are horrible. Symptoms of psychological trauma such as extreme stress, anxiety and depression can lead to suicide. One study revealed that 75% of women in coercion prostitution had attempted suicide and hospitals reported that prostitutes comprise 15% of all the completed suicides (Asma, 2006). Initial trauma commonly experienced by the victims before they were trafficked and this will continuously increase while in the process of the trafficking.

The longer the victims are under control of their traffickers, the more the effects that they may face. Thus, trauma is one of the mental health consequences which are dire because it can lead the victims to commit suicide. Another side effect of human trafficking for prostitution is the prostitutes may suffer from high rates of drug and alcohol abuse. According to Asma (2006), the heroin, crack, alcohol or prescription drugs are addicted by 85% of the prostitutes.

This is because the traffickers give drug to the victims so that they do not realize and cannot fight against anything that happened to them. Based on the Taken movie (2008), the victims for prostitution are given drug by the trafficker because they do not want to do the jobs as a prostitute. As a result, they are in unconscious condition and do not realize what had happened to them. Therefore, many of the victims of trafficking had been given numerous amounts of drug and alcohol by the traffickers. In conclusion, human trafficking is a one way to earn a big amount of money by selling the victims.

However, this is a serious and illegal crime because it can cause physical injuries and sexual transmitted disease especially to the women who are being forced to be a prostitute. Besides that, the victims of human trafficking may also experience mental health consequences as well as suffer from high rates of drug and alcohol abuse. Because of these negative effects, authorities should take serious action towards the people who are involve in this crime so that human trafficking can be stop and the world can be a safer place for everyone.

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