Why the U.S. Government Should Continue to Fund NASA Essay

Published: 2019-11-10 19:30:53
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Reasons as to why the U.S. Government should continue to fund N.A.S.As space program is a huge controversy today. With the ideals that American tax dollars should be spent on more important things and that companies are now able to construct their own rockets that are able to send people on excursions into space, really is what challenges government support and true betterment of humanity.

Since the beginning of human intelligence, humanity has always wondered what was beyond our world, and what mysteries lied with the starts, and since the 1950s the human race has been able to create technology in order to reach what lies beyond. During the space race of the Cold War, the American government has always supported the funding towards achievements such as getting the first American in space, and the first man to land on the moon, meaning that taxes are used to fund N.A.S.A. in order to learn and explore space.

Space is the final frontier that we now know so much more about due to NASAs exploration and research in geology, medicine, engineering, chemistry, physics, and climatology. Exploration in the name of science has only broadened our education and understanding into our world and our universe. This thus far has really only been possible through taxes which make about 0.5% of the $3.4 trillion United States federal budget. Once again, NASA. science is focused on better understanding of the Universe.

As Carl Sagan said, too much money is being wasted on unnecessary pursuits, compared to the little amount required by NASA. If the government no longer funded NASA, space would most likely become privatized, meaning that corporations would begin to commercialize space.

If we dont fund NASA any longer, companies will begin to exploit yet another thing that should not be used for economic gain. Nothing worthwhile will be gained for humanity if we allow an insignificant number of people reap the benefits of making a profit off of giving people joyrides. Businesses profiting off of space flight will only increase ignorance and humanity will continue to drown themselves into their own egotistical and economic endeavors as opposed to thinking about what is best for humanity and life as we know it. Money should never be the driving force for something that benefits not only our country but the whole world. Competition only separates us more from becoming a unified species.

Commercialization will only do such. It is of utter importance that we continue to fund NASA, for the betterment of science, exploration, and life. Supporting NASA is supporting our future and that is far more important than making money or entertaining a handful of people. If we continue to be negligent towards science, it creates a loss of interest in our own innovation, leaving our world to become subjective to manipulation and egotistical desires.

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