Why Safeway Is Better Than Save a Lot Essay

Published: 2020-02-25 17:40:54
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Theres no place like Safeway thats why Safeway is better than Save A Lots Safeway has a fantastic atmosphere were customers feel at ease, the friendly employees always had a smile they face on the other hand Save A Lot had a poor envirment were the shoppers were ignored workers didnt have a pleasant attitude. I said to myself why have I shop at Save A Lot for so many years? Suddenly, I had an Oprah ,Aha! Moment which came over me, after that day I have not been back to Save A Lot First Safeway has quality luscious fruits the fresh vanishable are so scrumptious I cant wait to get home to eat them.

And endless variety of fresh fruit that never lacks quality that I am lookingfor Save A Lot did not have quality fruits the vanishable were brown and bruised and lacked freshnesss, fruit were always limed I was so happy that I switch stores because of that reason. Secondly Safeway has fresh meat which is top of line ,fresh tender meats also the quality of the the meats at Save A Lot lacked freshness. Most importantly the was not up par: refrozen, freezer burned and discolored.

In addition, Safeway quality brand name products that I enjoy such as :Kelloggs ,Special K and Progresso, just to name a few. Really make me feel good about safeway. Incontrast, I shopped at Save A Lot they lacked brand name products they did not have them in stock. Not only dose safeway have quality prices, but they have every prices. I save fifty dollars at Safeway and when I use my safeway card I always save. Also Safeway I spend only two hundred and forty dollars.

Save A Lot the prices are extremely high; I spent over three hundrend dollars Also Safeway has a lot of women with there children, Save A Lot has college studans who think there saving . However Safeway has quality prices great coupons Save A Lot lacked quality prices ,coupons limed ,Safeway is the places for a girl like me who enjoys bargains In conclusion, most of all Save A Lot did not provide , and they did not have quality prices. And I said to my ,thank heaven for the Aha! Moment. That is when the light switch came on for me to start shopping at Safeway. My reason is simple, Safeway has quality prices and food.

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