Why is a Paediatric Nursing so interesting profession? Essay

Published: 2019-12-14 06:41:24
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My aspiration to study this subject stems from my childhood interest in the area of nursing. To me, it is a meaningful and fulfilling career to choose which will allow me to develop my caring and nurturing skills. I am a very enthusiastic student, eager to succeed and I enjoy interacting closely with people and supporting them when needed.

Paediatric Nursing is the area that interests me most. I have always been passionate about working with children and my Year 13 work experience placement reinforced this when I worked in a Primary School with children from age six, and also in a local private hospital, where I was able to observe a number of surgical procedures. Personally, I found this was an amazing experience and I really benefitted from this as a person.

Following my placement, I have been spurred on by my experiences on placement to research different areas in Nursing. Specifically, I have been impressed by articles on the News and Nursing Times about current issues in the profession. I have found myself reading into nursing and find myself asking nurses their opinion allowing me to grow more passionate about the topic. From reading articles on nursing it has come to my attention that nursing is on the rise. I have been reading various articles from Nursing Times I came across that Lincolnshire has launched a national recruitment campaign to allow nurses to train through a healthcare apprenticeship. In my opinion this is a great opportunity for upcoming nurses as it allows them to really focus on the practical work alongside the theory.

As a person, I am very compassionate in times where it is needed. In order to be a nurse, you must have good communication skills. I am a very confident person and demonstrate this in my part time job in retail. A key skill that every nurse must have is critical thinking which I feel I display in my part time job and voluntary activities at Redshirts by thinking on the spot. Finally, I am able to deal with emotionally charged situations, as within my voluntary role I work with children in a summer scheme. To make them feel comfortable I would go down to their eye level focusing on non-verbal communication as well as verbal to prevent them from feeling scared. When I attended my placement in the private hospital this opened my eyes to the reality of nursing allowing me to see and understand the pressures they have as well as the rewards.

Throughout my life, I have had experience with caring for children right up to the age of 18 within a medical and school environment. This is because the secondary school I attended luckily was based within an area that deals with mental health my school would occasionally help the centers, alongside my primary school which allowed me to work with Foyleview which is a school for special needs children. Here I was able to work with the children one to one and do activities with them. Studying Health and Social Care also gave me an insight into the theory side of nursing opening my eyes to the holistic, medical, and caring aspects of nursing.

I am aware of the demands placed on nursing practitioners gave their long hours and workloads as I have no doubt that I would relish such a challenge and I currently balance school and two part-time jobs, for example, I am usually in school until 3:10 pm and my evening shift is from 5 pm until 9 pm, meaning I am on the go for the equivalent of a tense shift.

In school, I am a perfect which is an important role as I am expected to be a role model for younger students and an ambassador for the school in the community. I have volunteered for activities like the Yes project and as a guide for parents and prospective students. Volunteering for the Nursing event evenings allows me to increase my knowledge and to seek answers to any I might have. I have no doubt that I would be an excellent candidate for the nursing profession in your university.

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