Who Won the War of 1812 Essay

Published: 2019-11-11 05:51:22
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British citizens alone would not have won the War of 1812 but key parts in their victory were their allies with the Natives and the Canadians and those numbers helped beat the Americans, their brilliant strategy for fighting the war, whereas America did the exact opposite and then they were defeated, and Americas extremely poor leadership with General Hull and his unacceptable and disgraceful cowardice.

Argument #1 Britains numbers alone would not suffice if their army wanted any hope because the American soldiers outnumbered Britain alone from 10 to 1. Canada and the Natives helped supply more soldiers with militia, their navy and a lot of troops so that the numbers pulled up and Britain had 6000 soldiers while America had 7000. The forces of the Natives and the Canadians to the Britain were extremely stellar and strong even though they were lacking 1000 men that America had. Each regular man was trained to be top-class soldiers so that they would not fear cannons, gunshots and swords. America had normal training because they had the numbers to outdo Britain but the difference is that Britains soldiers were much more competent with handling war than Americas soldiers.

Argument #2 America had one strategy and one strategy only. Attack and stop at nothing that the British fired at you. The British wanted to be offensive but as soon as they saw the Americans always initiating every battle, the Generals of the British decided to let them attack but put up strong defense and then when they get tired of waging war, then Britain will know their strategy and their weak points and be able to attack with full force. Britain was extremely wise in making this decision because although at first, when the news gets around Britain keeps retreating, to regular people, Britain is a coward but when they whip out their best weapons and refreshed fighters then, only then will you realize their strategy all along.

Argument #3 Leadership is extremely important in any army. For example, to make sure the British soldiers knew the plan and knew how to execute it, there is always a couple masterminds behind the plans but America did not have a brave, strong and courageous leader and that is why, at the end of the war, they had won lots of battles but lost the war. General William Hull was the leader of the American army but he was too much of a coward and refused any call to battle. His own country of Michigan turned on him and called him into court, accusing him of cowardice. General Hull did know after all that he was being a coward and did not want anybody to fight for anything but a General is a figure of recklessness and power; one that can fight until the end and General William Hull did not fulfill those expectations.

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