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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Edward Michael Bankes Green or known as Michael Green is a high Catholic and Anglican priest who became more successful in his responsibilities as a servant of God. Green was born in 1930 and gained many achievements when it comes to his educational activities, and one of his major achievements is to become a deacon in 1957 and suddenly become a priest in 1958. In continuing to serve the public Green published different Christian books and his objectives are to discuss the gospel message and to exchange some thoughts and ideas about faith matters.

Michael Green is married to Rosemary and lives with his four children. Green is a religious person and always concerned when it comes in defending and proving the truth of Christian doctrines. About the Book The book Who is this Jesus is very preferable for someone who usually do not know more about Jesus Christ. The book discussed the life and leaving of Jesus as well as the sacrifices he did for mankind, it also explores the different kinds of activities that Jesus Christ teaches the people during his early time.

Also the book established the importance of everlasting life, the love, and the forgiveness that usually people find it really hard to understand and implicate. The book who is this Jesus published by Michael Green will easily encourage the readers to study the scriptures and understand carefully. This book is also beneficial to those who are interested to know more about the missions and as well as the miracles that Jesus Christ address to the public during his time. The book also gives and cites some examples that will answer the questions of the readers.

Content and Summary There are many religions that had been developed in our society today, a sect develops around the world, and different beliefs as well as different teachings are spreading to the community. This is only the proof that people are still searching for gods good news, in order to understand the life and missions of Jesus Christ. For further information Jesus Christ was known in the society and community as the god, but who is Jesus and what did he do and teach to the society? Jesus Christ was known for being perfect as human and the Son of God.

The scriptures explain that god use Virgin Mary as instruments to give birth to the perfect one known as Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth did what will be the best for mankind in his era, his mission is to preach the society and teach the good news and gods word to the world. Jesus Christ introduces to the society the Christianity; it will help the people to understand more deeply the religions, the church, and the gods plans for the world. Moreover, while Jesus is still leaving in this world, to proof that he is the one chosen by god to warned the society about their wrongdoings.

Jesus Christ shows some miraculous activities like waking up the dead and curing the dying ones. In this case more people seriously believed that Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God. But Jesus Christ also experienced the biggest challenge of his life, by claiming himself as the ransom for the sins of mankind. This is the biggest sacrifice did by Jesus to save the world for distraction and gives the people a chance to repent for their sins. This historical background will give us a reason to give and spend our time for nurturing our spiritual needs.

By studying the book Who is Jesus, we can easily know him today and learn the sacrifices did by Jesus Christ in the world. Although the people did not meet him personally in this generation, we can easily know him by keeping our faith strong and pursue to develop our relationship to god. In studying the scriptures we can learn more about Jesus and the gods given promise about the abundant of life and fruitful leaving in new system of the world. In the book Who is this Jesus, published by Michael Green, the author gives some brief discussions about the church.

The church is considered as the house of god, it is sacred and clean to dogmatism and spiritism. Overall Reaction and Recommendation Religious people are required to visit their respective church every time they have a time to do the gods word. Church has a biggest responsibility to the societies for being instruments to draw close to god in sacred ways. In studying the book Who is this Jesus, the author reminds us that life is focused on gods will and activities. The books stand for building our relationship to god and follow the good motivation of Jesus Christ in our society.

As a reader, the book gives us a complete knowledge for Jesus Christ and understand the mission and accomplishment he did for the world. As a conclusion to the book and complete reaction , asking who is Jesus is not just like a short story, instead it is a book that has a full important facts which will lead us to keep our relationship to Jesus and to god, and to strengthen our faith in times of trials and sacrifices.

Reference: Michael Green. (2007). Who Is This Jesus? Regent College Publishing.

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