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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The official website of the White House is http://www. whitehouse. gov. There are several websites that have domain names but end with a different suffix. For instance, . gov websites are used only by the governments or government agencies of the country. . Edu suffix websites refer mainly to educational institutions and . com suffix websites are used on a general basis for purposes other than the ones mentioned above. Examples of . gov websites are http://www. whitehouse. gov, http://www. pandemicflu. gov and http://www. usa. gov. Examples of .

Edu websites include http://www. ccnh. edu and http://www. jonesinternational. edu and . com examples include http://www. amazon. com and http://www. xe. com. The White House and President George W. Bushs Official website have several news items posted online and this includes latest features and news related to several aspects of the government of the United States of America. The in focus subjects of the White House website include Budget Management, Economy, Education, Environment, and healthcare, homeland security, Medicare, Iraq, veterans and many more.

E-mail subscriptions for new website alerts related to the news of the White House along with information on the government, nominations and applications are present on the website to interact with the audience. The White House Interactive features a question-answer environment by the known members of the White House is quick answer message board where the public can pose any question to the White House regarding their concerns (The White House, 2007).

Furthermore, it also features archive articles of the past three years for knowledge bank and reference use. The website is easy to browse and all its contents are neatly laid on the right and the left. It is a complete portal to know the latest news regarding presidency or the country¦


The White House (2007). White House Interactive. Retrieved online on the 16th of June, 2007 at

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