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An example of this is when an iron nail is put in a copper sulphate solution. A displacement reaction only occurs when a metal reacts with an acid. This is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic means that the energy is going out of the reaction. Chemical reaction where the energy content of the products is less than that of the reactants; heat is given out from the system. In an exothermic reaction, heat energy is given off to the surroundings so the product molecules have lower heat content than the reactants.

This is like taking a wet sponge and squeezing it into a funnel ¦the sponge ends up with lower water content than before the exothermic reaction. The amount of water which is squeezed into the funnel and collected is a good concrete way to visualize the heat of reaction. Apparatus: Measuring Cylinder Thermometer Stop clock Balancing Scale Copper sulphate solution Beaker Zinc Lead Aluminium Magnesium Iron Method: ==> Collect all required equipment in a tray. ==> Put 50 cubic cm of copper sulphate solution into a beaker make sure it is 50 by using a measuring cylinder. ==> Measure temperature of solution at the begging by using a thermometer.

==> Measure 2 grams of metals with copper sulphate solution. ==> Shut the beaker with a lid made out of cardboard for the thermometer to enter. ==> Measure temperature of substance every 30 seconds. ==> Repeat for 8 mins. ==> Repeat this routine for the other metals. Prediction: I predict that magnesium will displace most of the other metals it will react with. This is because magnesium is the highest metal we are using in the reactivity series and as such will displace more.

Results: Iron 1 2 3 Average Graph Analysis From this investigations results I can see that Magnesium was the most reactive metal out of them, and Lead was one of the metals that reacted the least, along with Zinc.

Magnesium emitted the most heat out of them all. It took several minutes for magnesium to reach its highest temperature on the table. My prediction was correct as I predicted that Magnesium would be the metal that emitted the most heat, as it was the more reactive than the other metals. Evaluation In this experiment I investigated how much heat displacement reactions give out. We used plastic beakers but used cardboard lids, which may have altered the results of the experiment.

If I were to do the same experiment over again I would use plastic lids and see if the results were the same or if they differed. We also hand stirred the solutions, so that could have changed the results. I could improve the experiment if the same person stirred it then they would know roughly at what speed they stirred the solution. Rina Bhudia Science Investigation 10 B3 Mrs Davis Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Patterns of Behaviour section.

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