When Darkness Struck Essay

Published: 2020-02-15 12:02:48
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It was past your curfew late one night and you were on your way home. While you were in the lift with a neighbour, it came to a complete halt suddenly.

Based on the above information, write a composition of about 150 words.

In your composition, make use of the points below:
¢ How did you feel?
¢ What did your neighbour do?
¢ What happened in the end?

You may reorder the points. You may also include other relevant points.

I looked at my watch. Oh no! It was 10 pm and it was way past my curfew. I sighed. Who cares? I have to work overtime. Ok, everyone you may pack up for the day. Sorry to hold you guys in, said the boss. My heart rejoiced. Finally, peace and freedom! I took the public bus home to my flat. I walked briskly towards the lift lobby as I pressed the lift button. Mr Chan, my next-door neighbour, was waiting for the lift, too. We smiled at each other. Working overtime again? he asked. I nodded. The lift door opened. We walked into the lift together. While the lift was moving up, it suddenly halted, the lights went out, the entire lift went pitch dark. Fear crept onto me as I felt my way to Mr Chan and asked, What should we do? Dont worry, I will try possible ways for help, Mr Chan replied as he felt for the emergency button and pressed it.

To our dismay, it did not work due to the blackout. Next, Mr Chan tried the second attempt. He felt around his pocket to look for his mobile phone. With that, he dialed to the engineer rescuers. A few minutes later, the lift door cracked open. I could saw the glimpse of light outside. I thanked Mr Chan and the rescuers for their help. Mr Chan and I walked home together, then we split into different routes to our doors respectively. I could see Mr Chans wife, Mrs Chan, standing by the front door, waiting for him anxiously.

On the other hand, my mother was waiting for me. When she saw me, she asked, Where did you go? I was about to call to your office venue! There was a blackout in the lift. Luckily Mr Chan was with me, or I would still be stuck in the lift by now, I replied. This reassured my mother, as we walked into our house, getting ready for the night. I saw a piece of paper on the coffee table. It was written to me by Mrs Chan. It said:

Dear Carine,

Theres a curfew today from 10pm onwards. Residents are not to use the lift, for they might encounter problems such as blackouts. I would like to remind you so that you could tell your boss about the curfew at your estate when you reached your working venue so that he can release you earlier. Your neighbour,

Mrs Chan

I was about to sleep for the night after changing my clothes when I heard Carine, Mrs Chan left you a note this morning. Have you seen it? I sighed, with a smile on my face. There goes my mother again, who only tells people after they have seen it.

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