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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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At a young age, were always asked What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer at first was to be a social worker. As time passed and I got older that same question was asked again but this time my answer wasnt a social worker but a cop. Every time that one question was asked, my answer would change maybe it was because of the situation I was in and the help I would get from the police, social worker, and teachers it made me admire them. Time once again went by and it was time to do college applications. One of the first few questions was Whats your major? I choose undecided. Second year in college Whats you major? this time there was no choice of undecided I had to choose I was clueless not totally in-the-dark clueless but I had an idea of what it was. Before choosing majors researcher about it, seek for help and thing about it if in the long run your choice of major is something you see yourself doing in the future.

Once entering college thats the point were your life will change your no longer going to school to get a diploma but for a degree based on your major. Being a social worker was one thing I wanted to be when I was younger but entering to college I went in a total different direction I went with Fire Technology as my major. I went in such a direction because of something I did in high school. But before I choose a major I did some research looking through the Pasadena website and fire department websites. Looking and researching gave me more knowledge of what degrees I had to obtain. Researching about it helps you gain knowledge of how long it will take, whats the process, what you have to have and what school offer and have good programs. I did some research and aside form that I went to a fire station asking questions and it helped me in so many ways. Doing research is very helpful when youre going to be choosing your major.

A major is something that will impact your life in so many ways when were small we want to become so many things but once youre older, you question yourself there is so many questions to answer and being wise about it. You research about your major but there is more one can do seeking for help from school counselors is another way to help yourself choose a major. They give you advice and more information to what that major needs to proceed on with it. They help with giving more helpful advice and what classes are given in the school but not only do they give information, they make you think about it is it you want to be doing in a long run, do you see yourself doing such a job.

Seeking help from school counselors is another way that helps one choose youre major. As a child one questions were always asked is what do you want to be when you grow up? in college the question is whats your major? it seems like its the same question just phrased in a different way. My answers as a child vary but once in college I was clueless choosing. A major isnt as easy as it seemed you have to take it count how, what and where that one choice will take you. Always take in consideration where you see yourself in the future do researcher about the major how long it takes what steps you have to take to proceed with it and always seek for help from school counselors or a talk with someone that has the degree you are wanting to go for.

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