What Makes the World Evil? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because those who look on and do nothing-Albert Einstein. I think this quote means that it is not the actions of evil people that makes the world dangerous, it is the inactions of good people. I will prove how this quote is true and conclude with what can be taught by this quote. An example that demonstrates this quote is true for me is when I saw someone getting bullied in sixth grade. A boy I did not know was getting picked on by an older boy. It was really awful to watch. The bully would laugh at the boy right in front of his face. Of course I went over and told him to knock it off, but that wasnt even that bad.

The worst part was that there was a whole circle of kids watching it werent doing anything about it. This confirms that the quote is true because it shows that the bystanders saw the evil and didnt do anything, which is even worse. Another example is a popular show that many people have watched called Primetime: What Would You Do?.

In this show, actors pretend to be normal people doing things to see others reactions. Some examples are a prejudiced cashier refusing to serve a Muslim woman, A grocery bagger with Down syndrome insulted by a shopper, a group of gang of kids bullying a child with albinism etc. Hidden cameras show the bystanders reactions, and not surprisingly, some do nothing. Its amazing people can see horrible things like this and not want to do something. This also confirms how horrible it is to see evil and do nothing. In conclusion, its obvious this quote is universal. We have seen two examples that prove this quote is true. A lesson we should all take away from it is that if you ever see any type of evil you should take action and try to stop it and not be one of the bystanders.

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