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Published: 2019-12-23 17:22:43
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We get mad and fight for something or someone because of love. Every principle that man has is a result of love. We are driven to commit something because of love. The definition of love has been debatable for such a long time. Coming up with a definition of love has gone though exhaustive argumentation and speculation.

It tackles a lot of concepts and in order to narrow down the definitions of love, people define the term through categorizing it into various types such as eros love, filial love and agape love. Almost all disciplines such as philosophy, economics, psychology and even physical sciences have defined love differently according to the background of a specific area. Love has also been the popular theme of a number of popular movies and literary works.

One of the most valued love stories is Pride and Prejudice. The author, James Austen, defined love through her central characters as a force separate from society that one can even overcome the most challenging hindrance (Burrows 187). Here Austen tried to show its definition by having characters romantically involved with each other and underwent obstacles due to the dictates of hierarchical society.

Contrary to the dilemma that we have now, I believe that love must not be debatable nor it is explicable through definitions. It encompasses every person, thing, idea and event. It is something that we actually encounter and experience everyday. Its universality makes it impossible to be defined since words are insufficient to define such magnificence.


Burrows, John. Computation into Criticism: A Study of Jane Austens Novels and an Experiment in Method. NewYork: Oxford University Press, 1987.

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