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Published: 2019-12-12 01:21:36
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What happened to school food? I use to be excited for what was for lunch but now I just hope it is something edible. Since I started high school the quality of our lunches has been on the decline. With Michelle Obamas National School Lunch Program now requiring less than 300 calories per meal the school is losing money from students not eating and the students are losing fuel that their bodies need to survive. Park Hill South should drop the National School Lunch Program and this is why. My first issue is the new amount of calories that can be in a lunch.

Reducing the maximum amount of calories to 300 is ridiculous. The U. S. Department of Agriculture recommends that the average teenage boy consume between 2,400 and 2,800 calories per day. That means that only one eighth of your daily calories is in one of our school lunches. To some students lunch many be their only quality meal of the day and if its such a small amount of food they wont have enough energy to get them through the day. Also athletes need to eat good, nutritional food to give them enough energy for afterschool practices.

Since they arent getting the amount of calories they need their performance will be decreased. My second issue is the overall quality of the food getting served. The food ranges from okay to disgusting, with most on the lower end of the scale. Back when I was a freshman the pasta bar had a delicious breadstick that was as long as the tray and soft, but now after all the changes we get a little stubby piece of hard bread. Changes like that have been made for almost every meal that is served by the school. Since the quality of our food as gone down many students now bring their lunch or dont eat at all.

With fewer lunches being bought the school has to be losing a substantial amount of revenue. I went from eating around $4. 00 of food last year to only $0. 50 this year. If 25 students do the same thing thats a loss of $87. 50 per day! The issue with school lunches need to be changed. If Park Hill South would leave the National School Lunch Program they would benefit greatly. From the happiness and health of the students to the boosts in money that will be made from better sales. I now it wont be done overnight but hopefully in the next few years they will decide to start making better food.

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