What a College Education at Monroe Would Mean For Me Essay

Published: 2019-10-31 20:50:32
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To have a college education is a dream which I have nurtured since childhood. I have always worked hard towards this goal ever since I can remember the reason why I never took my studies for granted when I was in my elementary years. Upon reaching high school, however, my dream took a more definite from: to complete my college education at Monroe College. The reason for my decision is simple: I want to enroll in an institution which could ideally offer me the best opportunities as far as attaining my full personal growth is concerned.

There are several factors which, for me, have made Monroe an ideal institution for personal growth. On top of the list is its location. I believe that the proximity of several museums is indeed a plus factor since I believe that a visit to a museum is a very enriching cultural experience. My personal health and fitness could also be attended to rather easily and without additional financial burden, what with the accessibility of Central Park and its clean air and beautiful surroundings where I could walk and run to my hearts content.

It is even possible to engage in boating or skating in Central Park if I feel more adventurous. Another ideal location for this purpose is the New Rochelle Harbor found on Long Island. I could go there anytime if I want to enjoy the sea breeze and have a complete change of scenery. My personal growth would never be complete if I could not freely interact with students who come from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

This opportunity is available for me at Monroe College. Under its Residence Life program, I would not only be interacting with different kinds of students but actually live in their midst be one of them! I expect to greatly benefit from this experience as it would enable me to learn fresh ideas, discover different motivations, welcome new perspectives, and share in the diverse aspirations of my fellow students. .

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