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Published: 2020-01-11 01:01:32
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Internet is essential in peoples life, and internet surfing is very popular nowadays. Nevertheless, office workers may be fire due to surfing on the internet in workplace. It is not a valid reason to fire an employee since Internet surfing has three positive influences on office workers. First of all, web surfing allows employees to keep balance between work and amusement. Successful people do not only have to be excellent in their work performance in order to be highly productive, but they also need to have enough rest and entertainment to recharge their energy.

As the costs of products get more expensive, employees are usually under pressured due to their work responsibilities and life. If an employee has huge burden and has no time to relax, it may be harmful to his or her mental welfare and psychological health, so this is not beneficial for the employees job. On the other hand, if the office worker is allowed to go surfing on the Internet, he or she has some time to relax. Hence, even though employees work from day to night, they still have time to enjoy their leisure time to maintain the balance between work and amusement.

Second of all, the Internet surfing is a more convenient method for employee to relax in the work place. The development of the Internet has changed peoples life get rid of this phrase in the original. Though people are in the workplace, they can go shopping online, watch funny videos and read interesting news to relax rather than go to a coffee shop, shop on foot that can be a waste of time. After the interesting break, employees can be more energetic and passionate at work. Consequently, web surfing makes office workers happy in the workplace.

Most importantly, web surfing is beneficial for employees to improve their productivities. Office workers will feel tired and bored, so they may work ineffectively after a long time. If employees keep working in this situation, the efficiency of the work will decrease. However, because office workers have time to go surfing on the Internet, their performance can improve since going web surfing can make them excited. For instance, a worker who just concentrated on statistics for several hours may feel dizzy and sleepy.

Therefore, his or her efficiency is not good. However, if he or she goes web surfing to relax during his or her break, he or she will be excited to continue in working effectively. As a result, the Internet surfing can boost employees productivities. In conclusion, web surfing plays a significant role in peoples life. Companies should not fire an employee for the person who goes on surfing on the Internet in the workplace because Internet surfing can retain balance between work and leisure, is relaxing, and benefits employees to improve productivities.

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