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Published: 2019-11-23 01:40:47
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Being a growing business consulting firm, Washington-Jones Inc. (WJI) has to develop a corporate culture that would enable every individual in its team to manifest personal and communicative qualities needed for the company to meet demands that market puts to the ways WJI conducts its core activities and to its structure that must be maximally supportive. In this respect, one of the most important effects that market and peculiarities of the modern business environment have had on WJI was that the traditional company structure, which relies on the principle of functional approach to formation of departments and the upward flow of information with the decision-making being done in the higher levels of a companys hierarchy, has proved to be less efficient than a matrix structure.

This latter type of organizational structure is supposed to adequately manage the growing complexity of modern business environment while avoiding information overload, and for this purpose has the greater degree of decentralization with more careful approach to administrative structuring, more relies on liaison devices, and has more professional staff with experts having a significant informal power due to their specialized knowledge. With all this in mind, potential managers before stepping into their appropriate roles at WJI need to develop certain skills that would help fully use the possibilities offered by a matrix structure of the firm.

Drawing from the theoretical model of Mintzbergs role matrix, one of such skills, which can be likened to the role of a coordinator, should be the ability for the mutual adjustment of activities because in the matrix structure the number of managers usually significantly grows while the requirement of informational transparency remains. Another important skill for managers is to see things in perspective as the current growth of the firm, according to Mintzbergs model, generates tendencies of company formalization, which will require the creative ability of managers to adapt work styles to changing work environment. Finally, I also believe that an important role of managers is to remain learners, as learning is a major factor in innovation and success in any market, and especially so in business consulting.


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