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Published: 2020-01-31 22:42:11
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Industry Visit CLAAS India Pvt. Ltd., Morinda 03/10/12 As part of the Industry visit initiative of the Training & Placement Cell at Gulzar Group of Institutes, a visit to CLAAS India Pvt. Ltd., Morinda was organized for Mechanical Engineering final year students. Claas is an agricultural machinery manufacturer founded in 1913, now based in Harsewinkel, Germany, in the state of North Rhine Westphalia. The product range includes combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers, mowers, rakes, tedders and other harvesting machines. Claas is believed to be the top combine harvester manufacturer in the world, producing its 400,000th machine in 2003. Claas is the world leader in rubber tracked wheel technology for combine harvesters. Over 45% of all new combines are equipped with rubber tracks. Claas also has the largest selling self propelled forage harvester in the world.

In India, CLAAS is manufacturing combine harvesters suitable for the local harvest conditions. The first factory is based at Faridabad, the industrial hub of Northern India and at a stone throw distance from New Delhi, the capital of India. However to address the ever growing demand for harvesting mechanization in India, CLAAS has set up a second, stateof-the-art facility in Morinda near Chandigarh. The Morinda plant is spread over a huge land area and is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology. Having manufacturing facilities in India, CLAAS is serving the Indian farming community and furthermore farmers in other countries of Asia and Africa. Students Feedback Today we visited CLAAS India Private Limited. It was very good experience.

I must say Training & Placement department is doing an excellent job till. I just want to say Thank You for this visit. Varinder Singh, Mechanical Engineering This is the unforgettable visit. I never saw the environment of MNC manufacturing facilities before and also they told us about opportunities in the agri equipments industry for future. We were told how all the testing and inspection are done. The CLAAS team also took interest in telling us about the detailed manufacturing process and facilities available in their plant. Balancing was the most is interesting section in terms of technical aspects & to watch it live.

Sahil Jindal, Mechanical Engineering Employees of CLAAS were very corporative with us. They gave proper time to explain all possible technical and managerial accepts in the plant. Primarily there are four sections Fabrication, Research and Development, Paint, and Assembly Section. Bhupinder Singh, Mechanical Engineering Paint shop at CLAAS was very effective and modern, where we saw step by step process to remove the impurities and one important point related with automation is practical usage of PLC programmable logic controller which never saw before though had learnt about it in our reference books. Overall it was a very good package. 1/5


Visit to Industry : Gulzar Group of Institute GGI

Maninder Singh, Mechanical Engineering It was a life time experience to visit such a reputed MNC. It is our pleasure to be part of GGI family. Once again it was an opportunity for us to get across the senior manager of CLAAS. I would like to thank Training & Placement Cell and GGI which give us this life time learning opportunity. Aditya Varma, Ashish Kashyap, Mechanical Engineering

Industry Visit Infosys DC, Chandigarh 08/09/2012

As part of the Industry visit initiative of the Training & Placement Cell at Gulzar Group of Institutes, a visit to Infosys Chandigarh DC was organized for Computer Science and Electronics and Communication Engineering students. Infosys has a SPARK on-campus programme that empowers the youth by providing them with hands-on experience in Information Technology. Launched in August 2008, SPARK is managed by 2,400 Infosys volunteers across Development Centers (DCs).It has benefited more than 73,000 students and 4,000 teachers. Students were given inputs on the basic things they must be careful while planning their career. Interaction with Infosys team was quite fruitful where in significance of information technology in our everyday life, project think approach, and inputs on importance of communication were given to students.

Besides these sessions students and faculty also got an opportunity to see the world class facilities available at Infosys Chandigarh Campus. The whole programme motivated students to get into question answer session related to their career. GGI management expresses it sincere thanks to the Infosys management to give this life time learning opportunity at their campus. Students Feedback It was a great experience with Infosys team, where we had a day full of learning. Interaction with Infosys team has improved my confidence level toward communication and innovation which are very importance to succeed in career.

Japleen Kaur, Computer Science Engineering Today we had a very interactive session at Infosys campus. As my personal experience I came to know about how Infosys takes care of its employees right from recruiting to training, and further the employee growth. SPARK session at Infosys has enabled me to focus on my career and strategize on what to improvise and how. Students shall open up with their view points and ideas and participate active on such leaning platforms. To achieve our goal in life we shall schedule and prepare our self for everyday activities. We need to broaden my horizon and think out of the box. Sumit Thapar, Electronics and Communication Engineering It was really nice experience. The SPARK team of Infosys was very nice and they really ignited a spark in us. Thanks to Training & Placement Cell For arranging such a nice industrial visit. 2/5


Visit to Industry : Gulzar Group of Institute GGI

Seraj Ahmad, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Industry Visit Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala 08/09/2012

As part of the Industry visit initiative of the Training & Placement Cell at Gulzar Group of Institutes, a visit to RCF, Kapurthala, was organized for Mechanical Engineering and Management students. Established in 1986, the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) was the second coach manufacturing unit of Indian Railways. Its foundation stone was laid by the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. It has manufactured around 16,000 passenger coaches of 51 different types including self propelled passenger vehicles. Students and faculty were taken to the manufacturing line of rail coaches where they were shown working process of different shops including Sheet metal shop, Paint shop, Bogie shop, and Furnishing shop.

In sheet metal shop the overhead position, left, right and bottom position of rail coach were also shown in process from the metal sheets with the help of Cutting of metals sheets, welding of metal sheets by Butt Seam welding, spot welding, TIG welding, and after the two processes the assembly of frame being finalized. Cutting of sheets being done by laser Bystenic and by pressure applied was demonstrated by RCF resource person. Students also got an opportunity to see the paint shop, the frames of rail coaches being painted to their desired colors. In bogie shop the attachment of the frame and lower part (suspension system, tiers and other parts ) is done by the welding process and some other processes.

The braking system in old coaches includes band brakes whereas in the coaches being manufactured with updated technology includes disc brakes for usage instead of band brakes. Students and Faculty also observed manufacturing and design practice of special category coaches like Double Decker Coaches. Students Feedback RCF was a very good to give a lot of knowledge to us about the manufacturing of different parts. We saw different types of machines used in factory and also various CNC machines like drilling in operation.

The whole production line was observed in operation with new technology and machines. The employees were found very helpful in answering our queries. We had only one hour to see whole production line in factory, this was only drawback of factory. Otherwise it was a great experience for us. Inderjeet Singh, Mechanical Engineering Good experience about the manufacturing and making of railway coaches. We saw CNC machines, spot welding M/Cs & many other. We felt this industrial visit gave us good description about coaches. Amandeep Singh, Mechanical Engineering The experience was good. We saw various types of machines like laser cutting, CNC bed, etc. Totally we are satisfied. 3/5


Visit to Industry : Gulzar Group of Institute GGI

Amrinder Singh, Deepak, Mechanical Engineering I am really thankful to the GGI for such a visit. In RCF, I saw the preparation of Rail Coaches by working on the different kinds of sheets in sheet metal shop specially. Rakesh Kumar, Mechanical Engineering

Industry Visit Swaraj Engines Ltd and Combine Division, Mohali 07/09/2012

As part of the Industry visit initiative of theTraining & Placement Cell at Gulzar Group of Institutes, a visit to Swaraj Engine Ltd., Automation Plant of Engine Assembly, in Mohali was organized for Mechanical Engineering students. Students were given overview of the M/C shop, Assembly Shop, Testing Section, Repair Shop, Dispatching Section, during their visit to the plant. In addition to these students were also exposed to the assembly line of Tractors, Sheet covers manufacturing, Paint Shop, Suspension Testing, and Road Testing during the visit. Students were also taken to the Swaraj Combine Division which was set up in 1980. In 1985 it brought out Diesel forklifts FD 20 and FD25 with lifting capacity of 2 and 2.5 tons respectively.

Later in the year, the company also entered into technical collaboration with Kamatsu Forklift Company of Japan for manufacturing both diesel and electrical forklifts up to 10 tones capacity. Students were highly enthusiastic about the visit and Swaraj resource persons motivated students to get into question answer session. GGI management expressed it sincere thanks to the Swaraj Management to give this life time learning opportunity at their plant. Students Feedback We have learnt a lot in Swaraj. It gave us the exposure to the assembly line of heavy automobile vehicles & about engines of heavy vehicles. Overall visit was very good.

Danveer Sharma, Danveer Sharma, Mechanical Engineering This has been a great experience at Swaraj. Every important and necessary operation in the plant was explained by company resource person which made the visit quite useful and full of knowledge. Maninder Singh, Mechanical Engineering This has been a great experience. This was a day of learning where in I came across live experience I didnt hear before. I felt very good after visiting and watching the assembly process. Ashish Kashyap, Mechanical Engineering 4/5


Visit to Industry : Gulzar Group of Institute GGI

This was very knowledge giving visit. In 1st plant we saw assembling of engines and In 2nd plant we saw assembling of tractors. Overall it was good. Bhupinder Singh, Mechanical Engineering Industry Visit Hero Steels Ltd, Ludhiana 07/09/2012 As part of the Industry visit initiative of the Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) at Gulzar Group of Institutes,, a visit to Hero Steels Ltd was organized for management students. The very purpose of visit was to understand the manufacturing process and to interact with company officials in order to know the business intricacies in this highly globalised competitive world. Various training sessions were conducted for the students.

The departmental heads of HRD, Finance, Marketing and Production interacted with the students for about two hours. The students put a number of business queries and received well tailored professional answers. Queries ranged from business culture, environment, international business environment, quality control, general management, least cost combinations, diversification, employment scenario etc.Vice President (HRD) Hero Steels Ltd (Mr. G.S. Butra) made a very special appearance to guide our students and taught a number of skills to be required in a manager. He emphasized on the need of creating systems to become highly profitable company. Students Feedback I learnt there so many things like time management, How to walk in an organization as well as gained more knowledge about the technical operations of the company. Asiya Gaffar, MBA 2014 The visit to Hero Steel Ltd. was very nice.

The interactive session was great and we learnt some soft skills and gained knowledge about basics of industrial working and technical operations of the company. Overall it was learning experience and I am personally looking forward to more such kind of visits in near future. Himanshu Chandra, MBA 2014 We learn many things from that visit such as importance of taking notes to remove marks of errors, and significance of good system in an organization and that system to be followed. Iqbal Khaliq Rashie, MBA 2014 We learnt from the visit that-We should arrive on time in any organization on duty. Maintain the discipline and we should have a notebook in any visit. Manish Kumar, MBA 2014 I learnt there so many things like discipline, time management, soft skills and organizational system as well as behavior Puja Sharma, MBA 2014³

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