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Convention of a western gun fight related relates to the idea of Brooklyn being the Wild West. In the 1950 cowboy films were very popular. They all had certain common redeem into it which Miller uses to portray his confrontation. In a cowboy film you will have one gun fighter coming down the main street¦¦. in the play Marco appears outside, walking down the door from a distance point, Then you will have one gun fighter refusing to leave the town¦¦¦¦ Eddie says where? Where am I going? , one gun fighter adjusting his belt¦¦¦ Eddie hosting his pants ,the arriving of a gun fighter asking for a challenge¦¦¦¦..

Marco is calling as he nears the door shouting Eddie Carbone and the other fighter issuing a counter challenge Eddie as though flinging his challenge. Eddie shouts out his name three times to show he is not ashamed of his name because the whole play is about reputation and people wanting there names to be respected. In the counter challenge an actor would show Eddies aggression by swaggering his body as he walks up to Marco, his voice would be sounding aggressive to show anger and clench his arms as he punches the air. Millers also has a western convention of a crowd of no lookers standing on the side walks watching the fight.

Miller has realised that people enjoy watching a fight, but are not willing to try to stop it. Eddies public address on stage is a dramatic pause because it is full of rhetorical questions which nobody can answer back. He wants the crowd to answer yes but the audience and Marco know that its false. He does this to make the crowd on stage his side. This is very dramatic because Eddie uses strong accusations on Marco how ungrateful he has been and also refers to the story of the Good Samaritan in the bible to make his accusation stronger. During all this Marco is impassive which makes him menacing and this would frustrate Eddie.

Moreover the silent Marco is waiting like a silent gunfighter waiting for his opponent to make the first move. Miller brings in the western cowboy style by making Marco and Eddie spread there arms just like two cowboys with there gun hovering over there own gun butts in a western film. This fight between Marco and Eddie is very brutal because they are both trying to use there physical power against each other. Eddie pulls out a knife out to finish the fight off like in a street fight because he knows Marco is stronger. Immediately Marco strikes him and shouts animaaaaal and later he says it again to show that Eddie does not reason.

Miller has the fight so brute to show that men dont reason when they are controlled by passion and it raises the question whether this is the way men behave. Miller want to make it clear that what ever the characters on stage might think this is not an honourable ting to do. Eddie is being forced to stab him self is symbiotic of his own self destruction in a tragedy. The hero has to realise what he should have done before actually dieing. When Eddie says My B he realises it is Beatrice he loves. When the tragic hero dies, the audience feel sympathy because he would have avoided the whole thing at the beginning.

At the moment of Eddies death a dramatic tableau is created when Eddie dies in Beatrices arms as she covers Eddie in her body. At the end of the play the crowd on stage turn to the audience and the lights are turned down leaving Beatrice and Eddie in a glow while behind in dull prayers of the people and the keening of for women continue. The audience see a man who is dead with his wife and her women keening in the background in dull prayers. The idea of dull prayers is Eddie didnt die as a hero instead he dies as a waste. All this puts the audience in the right frame of mind to listen to the epilogue.

The epilogue, a traditional feature of a tragedy, delivers the moral to remind the audience. For example in Romeo and Juliet the princes message was what hatred would bring to families and in Macbeth, Malcolm says that a good king brigs peace and harmony. In view from the bridge the epilogue is that men who are pure in following there code of honour but the code of honour itself was perverse because it doesnt allow those who follow it to settle for half. However another persons tragedy is entertaining if it doesnt evolve you or if the same thing doesnt happen to you. Miller finishes with an ellipsis followed by the word alarm.

He wants to alarm the audience what would happen if they allowed passion to control them. Millers point towards the play is to remind people what would happen if countries started behaving like people. There will be massive amounts of lives lost, for example the USA fighting with Iraq. However what happens if a country decides to take the law into there own hands and not settle for half?   Simon Gesage Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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