Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels Essay

Published: 2020-01-11 19:12:39
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Television has become the most common and most widespread source of knowledge, entertainment and information of the present world. And satellite television has added a new dimension to our world of recreation. Now with the help of satellite TV we can have access to the television of different countries and distant broadcasting centres like Americas Cable News Network, British Broadcasting Corporation, Zee TV of India, Prime Sports, etc. So we have entered a world of plenty, variety and cross culturalism.

One can now easily switch on ones desired button and enter into programme according to ones liking and taste. For example, from music TV we can enjoy hearing music of many countries. Prime sport covers particularly all important sports programmes of he world. The cable News network covers round the clock, the world news and their analysis. Satellite TV has extended the time of our recreation. It has given us relief from the monotony of only Bangladesh TV we had to

It telecasts some programmes which are highly educative. For instance, it helps us understand the culture and people of other countries. Thus satellite brings the people of the world close to each other through mutual understanding. It is really making the world smaller. We can also take steps to familiarize ourselves and our culture to the foreign spectators. Our store of information and knowledge is enriched through it.

But satellite TV is not all boons. There are harmful sides of it too. Firstly, it is a threat to values, traditions and religious beliefs of developing nations. National broadcasting is out shadowed by it. Through satellite the East is being exposed more and more to western music, entertainment and modes of behaviuor. As a result, younger peoples tastes are gradually being influenced by them.

Young people most often watch the exciting films on violence and crime. They also see the obscene films. All these things leave a damaging effect on their soft mind. If once bad things lay root deeply in their soft mind, it will remain in their mind permanently. They will try to commit crimes like cinematic characters. And it needs no telling that young people are going astray day by day. Secondly, the accessibility to any programme at any time of the day claims more time from the spectators and harm their activities specially the study progress of a student.

Thirdly, it has become an addiction for many. This blocks our outdoor recreation which is essential for our physical and mental growth. Whatever be the fact, every age has its technological change. A country cannot remain aloof from it. It has to keep abreast of others. Demand of the masses cannot be ignored. What is important for us is to be mature spectators of satellite TV not to be carried away by it.

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