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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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For many years, the United Nations have been the main international organization which is responsible for most of the conflicts and issues which had been present in the international community. From the year 1945, the United Nations is the foremost organization which is capable of uniting all nations in concerns with regards to attaining peace and security for all nations. In the international community, many nations have experienced conflicts and problems due to many different types of matters such as wars, terrorism, and etc.

Thus, there is a need to have a mediating actor for the issue to be resolved. In the past, many nations had been representing as a mediator/s in order to resolve issues however, the World Wars had been an evidently one situation in which the world needed one institution that would be able to apply the best interest of every nation. The United Nations is the only entity that is run by the whole global community in order to handle all types of threats that may diminish peace and security among nations (United Nations, 2008).

The duties of the United Nations to uphold the international law and maintain neutrality through protecting every nation is also an obligation which the organization is striving to attain. Therefore, the United Nations is responsible in the mediation of nations in terms of conflicts and misunderstandings which is usual occurrence in the international community due to reasons of territory, terrorism, religion, politics, human right violations and the likes.

Thus, the United Nations is upholding the international law through keeping the traditional ways of prevailing peace. In accordance to the abilities and responsibilities of the United Nations. , for many decades the organization had been active in peace keeping. Many nations have and are participating in this kind of activity for they believe in the ability of military forces to resolve variety of conflicts. The peacekeeping missions of the United Nations had been present in different parts of the world such as Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the likes.

During conflicts such as civil wars, wars and terrorism the United Nations are often the first international organization to be brought in the war zone. Some of their duties are to provide the medical needs of the people most especially those that are weak due to sicknesses and the hostile activities done with in the parameters of war. In refugee camps, the United Nations peace keeping teams together with other international organizations such as the Red Cross are present in maintaining sanitations in the location to lessen the possibilities of having an epidemic in the place.

In addition to these, the United Nations peace keeping (United Nations Peacekeeping, 2009) is also responsible in rebuilding the devastated placed which had been tremendously hit by the war. There are times in which the United Nations peace keeping teams are assigned to different tasks such as rebuilding nations through construct buildings and facilities, feed children and people who are devastated by the war, fight the groups that sustain atrocities towards civilians and the likes.

Hence, the United Nations peacekeeping is immersed in the task of helping nations and its people in times of need. It is not only with mediating and creating policies must be the organization present its active participation with maintain the peacefulness of the international community but also in creating vivid actions that will create a difference most especially for the people who are facing such difficult times. Reflecting on the events which had happened for the past decades, it is evident that the United Nation has been the most active in promoting peace and security.

Reflecting on the wars which had been participated by the United Nations, it is evident that the troops being brought to most of the war zones creates a difference through bringing peace in the state. In the movie Hotel Rwanda, the civil war conflict has arisen during the 1990s. The government did not have control with the people or the government offices, the militants were the ones that have the power amongst all the control which must be given to the government leaders. Thus, the whole Rwanda was already uncontrollable.

Thus, there was a need for an international intervention which could only be done by the United Nations and countries that are related to the country of Rwanda. Due to the huge impact of the civil war many people were devastated and needed to move outside of their homes which then make them refugees of the war. In such situations, the United Nations is also responsible in creating a list and saving these people in being displaced. These refugees are given temporary homes providing camps which could provide all their needs such as medication, food and security from the grave dangers of the wars and the militants.

Until this very day, the United Nations is still the foremost institution that holds the power in promoting peace and security through the help of the international law. Although there is a great need for the international law to be updated, and revised (United Nations, 2009). in order to fit the modern times, it is still the United Nations that has the capability to hold and attract the whole global community to maintain peace and security. Through similar goals of attaining peace and security for the whole world, every nation will attain its desire to have harmony with all nations.

In the end, the United Nations will still be the main organization to uphold the peace and security in the world. Through the active participation of different members states and the perseverance to follow all the policies and the written laws, declarations, and agendas, the harmonious relationship will all nations will be attained. If only every state is able to know the importance of having one goal and unity amongst states, then the world will not need any type of mitigating factors to stop all the hostilities. However, in the current state of the world it is seemingly impossible to attain this kind of situation.

It is only through cooperation that peace is attained. Thus, all nations must amass and address the problem through the United Nations and its means. References United Nations. (2009). Reform at the United Nations. Retrieved April 10, 2009 from http://www. un. org/reform/. United Nations. (2008). UN Action to Counterterrorism. Retrieved April 10, 2009 from http://www. un. org/terrorism/. United Nations. (2009). United Nations Peacekeeping. Retrieved April 10, 2009 from http://www. un. org/Depts/dpko/dpko/.

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