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Unit 9 Exercise 1 Light Sources and Components
NT1310 Physical Networking

1. Forward Biased LED A positive voltage is applied to the p and a negative voltage to the n region 2. Incoherent Light- photons emitted from the junction where the p and an region meet 3. Laser- a coherent source of light with a narrow beam and a narrow spectral bandwidth. 4. Output Pattern- Of a laser is very low and narrow, allowing majority of the light energy to be coupled into the core of a single-mode or multimode fiber 5. Output Power-The amount of power able to be transmitted

6. Modulation Speed-
7. Core Diameter Mismatch- Occurs when the cores arent physically identical, and core hits cladding.

8. Current- Flow of electricity, or data. A flow of something.

9. PIN Photodiode- A PIN diode is a diode with a wide, lightly doped near intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region

10. Avalanche Photodiode- an avalanche photodiode is a highly sensitive semiconductor electronic device that exploits the photoelectric effect to convert light to electricity

11. Responsivity- measures the inputoutput gain of a detector system

12. Optical Subassembly- guides the light energy from the optical fiber to the photodiode.

13. Dynamic Range- the range of acceptable or possible volumes of sound occurring in the course of a piece of music or a performance.

14. Operating Wavelength-

15. Fiber-optic coupler- is a device used in optical fiber systems with one or more input fibers and one or several output fibers16 Optomechanical Switch this type of switch redirects an optical signal by moving fiber or bulk optic elements by means of mechanical devices

16. Optomechanical Switch- redirects optical signal by moving a fiber or bulk optic by means of mechanical devices

17. Optical Attenuation-

18. Optical Isolator reduces the effects of interference
19. Wavelength Division Multiplexing- is the combining of different optical
wavelengths from two or more optical fibers into just one optical fiber

20. Passive Optical Network- A network that does not used electrically powered equipment or components to get the signal from one place to another.

21. FTTH- a type of PON that uses optical fiber from the central office to the home. With now active electronics helping the transmission

22. FTTB- a type of PON that is similar to FTTH but it is run to building from the central office.

23. FTTC- a type of PON that runs from the central office but it stops at the curb. It needs a converter to add an electric charge. Cooper wire normally replaces the fiber into the building or home.

24. FTTN- to the node is sometimes called fiber to the neighborhood. It is a type of PON that serves the whole community section. Like FTTC, it is converted to an electrical signal carried over a wire to deliver the signal to the home.

25. Feeder Cable- this runs from the central switching point to the local convergence point.

26. Distribution Cable- These cables runs from the local convergence point to the network access point. Unlike feeder cables they dont carry as many optical fibers

27. Drop Point- This is the location where the cable meet and are broken out to the multiple distribution cables. Typically used for single optical fiber cable.

28. Local Convergence Point- is the access point where feeder cables are broken out into multiple distribution cables.

29. Network Access Point- the NAP is a point located close to homes or buildings it services. Within this point there is a distribution cable and it is broken into multiple drop cables.

30. Network Interface Device- a device that serves as a connecting point between you and isp

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