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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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First of all, in terms of crisis management, the companys response was strong and irresolute, making it clear to the public that their top priority and concern, as well as strategic objective, was the health and safety of the consumer.  As a first measure in this sense, 4.7 million capsules were retrieved from the market, then, nationwide, another 31 million bottles, totalling $100 million in losses for the company.  All advertising for Tylenol was stopped as soon as the crisis broke out, even more so, the people were instructed to stop using the product.  The companys extraordinary quick response was much appreciated with the public.

Second of all, the company made it very clear from the very beginning of the crisis that (1) it is willing to cooperate with the law enforcement in order to find if Tylenol is the reason for the deaths in the Chicago area and (2) it is willing to share any information that may help the investigation.

  This continuous openness and acceptance of the fact that the product may indeed have a problem gave Johnson & Johnson a positive aura with the public, which helped save the companys reputation with its customers. As such, we can point out that communication was essential in a successful management of the crisis.  Its PR campaign was at similar standards with its communication campaign.

Summarizing, we can point out that there were three guiding principles to Johnson & Johnsons successful response and crisis management: (1) put the publics welfare first (2) act quickly and decisively and (3) communicate with openness and sensitivity[1].


[1] Brown, Milward. Crisis Management: Is a New Prescription Needed? March 2007. On the Internet at http://www.wpp.com/WPP/Marketing/ReportsStudies/Crisis+Management.htm. Last retrieved on June 27, 2007

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