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Published: 2019-10-11 12:10:18
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In Drama, The first class was introduced with Mr. Tungate brain storming with class what do you think of a beggar. Eronjha had to do a freeze frame as a beggar. We were told to pretend to be going some here and when Mr. Tungate told the class to freeze, he would select one of us to say something to the beggar. Being negative or positive it was the decision to be made by us. In the completion of this procedure there were more negative comments than positive.

Based on our brainstorming our job was to build a scene describing what we thought of the beggar. Our setting was in the bar was authentic. There were two rich people wanting martinis and only thinking of them selves, an alcoholic had dropped to the floor and the two talkative bar tenders. It was a scene of all us pitching in our thoughts of the beggar, including the drunken person on the floor.

Then we had to do scenes about the day of our beggar. Mr. Tungate loved our groups scene idea on having an introductory scene with the girls jogging in the park and spotting the bum because of his body odor. He was sleeping on the benches. He tried to get a job as usual and he was able to be package boy. Unfortunately, as a result of his bad hygiene, the bum was automatically fired in a matter of minutes. He was caught stealing can foods and snacks.

There was a scene which was graded by Mr. Tungate. It had to be on how the bum got on the streets. On my opinion it wasnt at our fullest potential. I thought it was consequences as a result of lack of practice. We decided that our bum had gambled all his money and lost his job from not paying his bills. All of us had deserved our poor grade.

Lastly Mr. Tungate had given us the choice to either have an optimistic or an appalling ending. In my group, the bum unknowingly had eaten rat poison at a restaurants garbage tin used the tap to drink it down. Before the doctor came, it was to late to do anything. Our bum had a horrible death.

The best scene, I saw during the past couple of weeks during class was with Justin, Michelle, Lavant, Arial, Crystal and Zavier. We were dealing with how the beggar got on the streets. It was well thought out and planned. Their space was used very wisely, with everything in front of the class. I liked that each character had their own personality. The idea on having the beggar fired, gambling all his money, lost all his girlfriends and wrecking his car was pretty good.

This group I thought with all the boys, Jonathan, Eronjha, Tomas, Aaron and Oliver did scenes which were not realistic. The topic was the day of the beggar and dont think robbing a store and having a shootout was believable to me. It needed to be more sensible. Also everything this group did was against the wall and it was only Jonathan speaking in most of their scenes.

After our topic on homelessness it made me realize just how hard it is to survive the streets just for one day. I cant even imagine a whole year. I learned to be much more grateful for what I have. Most of the time these people are helpless to be homeless with no job and issues in their lives to big to handle. Instead of negative things being commented about them, I think there should be a more positive outlook.

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