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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Good morning and thanks for joining us on the Now: TV News Network. Welcome to Daybreak, the UKs Number 1 morning news show. Im Anna Collins And Im Ricky Brown. A very good morning to you if your just waking up, the time is 8 oclock. Lets go straight to Tony in the Now TV News Capital Centre for all the latest headlines. Tony shuffles his papers, takes a quick look in the mirror. His make-up artist really had done a great job with Tonys skin.

If somebody had told Tony 10 years earlier when he was a struggling journalist for a small local newspaper that he would be sat in a warm, cosy, sleek studio wearing make-up and hair spray he would well he would have probably burst out a number of deeply offensive expletives. Either way he wouldnt have believed them. And were on air in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Good morning. Notorious drug dealer released, a brutal armed robbery at a large Birmingham Barclays Bank branch, Government figures admit 65% of prisoners will be released early.

Now TV can exclusively reveal the early release of Frank Dean, the drug dealer who boasted to have sold over i?? 150 millions worth of drugs in Britain alone. The Blackpond House Estate, Gloucestershire: Nothing but bad news. This countrys going to hell in a bloody handcart. Turn it off Linda. The television and its depressing headlines were swiftly silenced at the flick of a button. Sir. Nicholas Powell was Britains second richest citizen, the son of a millionaire landowner Nicholas had transformed the family fortunes into billions.

Nicholas had consistently thought about going into politics. He felt it was time to give something back to the country that had made him rich. Still, Nicholas never took the plunge into politics until that faithful morning of Wednesday 19th November 2005. As Nicholas comfortably lounged in his chauffeur-driven Bentley back at the Blackpond House Estate, Nicholass dear wife Linda was robbed at gunpoint. As Linda sat at the enormous beautiful antique oak table a masked intruder burst through the doorway to the lounge area. Stand up to the wall, move, get up, stand up by the wall, move

The loudness of the intruder, if there were anyone elsewhere in the house they would almost certainly have heard him. But there wasnt anyone else in the house. Had the intruder known? The extremely intimidating tone of the man almost frightened Linda to death. Linda was too scared to scream. A faint screeching sound came from Lindas mouth. Shut up, be quiet, shut up, dont say a word. Mayfair House: Office of Sir. Nicholas Powell: Nicholas, I have some very bad news. Your um, Nicholas your wife is in hospital. She was taken into intensive care. Some burglars robbed your house and she was brutally beaten up

The shaky, uneasy words of Nicholass secretary immediately sent an enormous emotion of fear, anger and panic through Nicholas. Take me to the hospital. A brief pause followed. Now! Okay, okay right at once Sir. I will call your chauffer. Now: TV Network Studio: Breaking news on Now: TV. Linda Powell, wife of billionaire Brit Nick Powell was violently robbed at gunpoint earlier just a few hours ago by an armed intruder. Mrs. Powell was beaten up after the intruder and accomplices stole i?? 5 million worth of jewellery. Back to the studio to Anna and Ricky. Thanks Tony. God that must be absolutely awful.

The poor woman. Absolutely Anna. This clearly displays that crime affects everyone, we must get tougher. The sort of people that carry out this kind of thing must be stopped, lets hang every last one of them! Preparing his next hourly news report Tony wondered if Now: TV could really be described as a TV news network. Tony had always thought that it was the job of a television news channel to report the news. Now: TV always added a spin on the news, it gave its opinion. Guardian journalists always scoffed at the whole concept. The Daily Mail on the Box. In many ways they were very right.

Though whatever Now: TV was viewers loved its no nonsense, common sense, right wing approach. Several Months Later. Now: TV Network Studio: Robbie Green who was convicted earlier today of armed robbery and grievously bodily harm has been given a 3 year suspended jail sentence. The Blackpond House Estate, Gloucestershire: Nicholas wiped a tear away from his eye. Kicking the television screen in anger. How was this justice? Linda. I cant change whats happened. I cant change that stupid judges soft sentence on the evil thing that scarred you physically and emotionally for life.

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