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Published: 2020-01-10 22:12:39
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            This network troubleshooting guide is published by Linux, which aims to answer five questions in order to fix a network problem, more specifically the online network. Determining an IP Address, pinging the default gateway and another subnet, DNS, and the port connection are its main concerns.

            Common network problems are discussed in this network troubleshooting guide. It seeks to fix networking problems caused by the wireless network adapter connection, compatibility of drivers, strength of signals, location of the accessibility points, the need for a performance boost, faulty antenna, the need to install service packs, and the modification of network settings.

            This networking troubleshooting guide was published for Windows Vista users. It is a step-by-step process of troubleshooting network connections by modifying network settings and pinging the default gateway and subnet sites.

            Troubleshooting is a systematic process or approach in order to determine problems in a particular system, in this case a network. Troubleshooting follows a step-by-step process where all possibilities are being explored in order to solve networking problems for instance. For some troubleshooting sites, several yes or no questions are being asked in order to determine the problem in the system and eventually arrive at the best possibly solution to resolve it. It is patterned from the simplest to the most complicated type of problem-solving technique, allowing individuals to fix system problems minimally or complexly, as deemed necessary. The type of solution to systemic problems depends on its nature.

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