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Published: 2020-01-29 06:01:17
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Have you seen birds that eat poisonous fruits but dont get poisoned?

The scarlet macaw is a kind parrot that lives in the rain forest. It is one of the longest, about three feet from its head to the tip of its tail. Aside from being one of the longest, they also have bright colors that result from the foods they eat. A weird fact about this parrot, and some other birds like vultures, is that it eats a poisonous fruit but dont get poisoned. This is because it also eats a special type of clay that helps them get rid of the poison.

Macaws are just one of the many species of parrots that live in the rain forest. Parrots and many other tropical birds are the most beautiful birds in the world. These birds can be seen flying through the rainforest. Oftentimes we see a wide range of colors of tropical birds. This is mainly because their colors are largely determined by the foods they eat. The rich ecosystem in the rainforests provides these birds a variety of sources for food. While there are poisonous foods found in this area, special types of clays, soil, etc. can also be found to be used as medicine.

Although some tropical birds, like macaws, have weird features or behavior, there are others that are kept as pets because of their beauty and talents. Parrots are the best example. They can live in the wild and in the cage without having any trouble, though some species may do. Parrots are also special because they can be taught of speaking simple words.

Not every tropical bird was blessed with looks and sometimes, even has the weirdest behavior. An example of this is the hoatzin which looks like a peacock but it doesnt have the pretty tail. Hoatzins are terrible flyers that crash land all the time! Another example is the brown kiwi which is a flightless bird that looks like a rodent only that they have a long beak and feathers. They have special claws used for running, digging and defense.


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