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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Having to play a certain characters role in any story or play we should know how to act and especially how to put ourselves in the situation where the character we play is into. We should know how to put ourselves in the position of the character we are playing. We can only play a great role for our character if only we will be able to picture out what is happening in our character and if we can only know what the character is suffering, feeling and all about the character we are playing.

Also, a great factor for us to have a great performance in playing a certain characters role is a great motivation towards the play. As an actor or actress we should be able to know how to motivate ourselves in different situations that the character is undergoing. We should have a great background of the character itself and the situations that the character will be encountering along the play.

Different actors and actresses have different ways of motivating their selves depending upon the situation that their character is facing. They motivate their selves depending upon the feelings of the character they are playing. If the character they are playing needs to happy then they should be happily motivated in order to perform well and on the other hand if the character they are playing needs to be sad then they should be sad. Also they should know what struggles their character is facing and they should reflect this to the play by their acting ability.

As to the play TRIFLES, the character of Mr. Hale is being played as he was being investigated or interrogated at the start of the play (Maillakais). As a character being interrogated then the one who plays his role must know how to act as a person under interrogation. Being under an interrogation then you should know how does it feel to be interrogated and how to act as one. Being under interrogation then you should know how to answer all the questions being asked by the one who investigates you. Also, you should know how to react as a person being interrogated. You should know how to show people the way you are being nervous under interrogation and how you manage to tell the interrogator what you know about the crime.

On the other hand, the Sheriff, Henry Peters, have been motivated as a character that knows how to interrogate a certain suspect or any witnesses relevant to the crime (Maillakais). With regards to the character being played by the actor we can see that the Sheriff really wants to solve the crime and being the Sheriff in the place he shows that he should be respected by the people of the place and so he must be the one assigned and reliable to solve the crime. He as the one interrogating all the possible people who could be relevant to the crime and at the same time he was the one in charge to ensure that the place should be clear and in order as it was before and after the crime had happened.
But let us evaluate the two of the more important characters in the play, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters.

Mrs. Hale is the wife of Mr. Henry Hale (Maillakais). She was the one who goes with Mrs. Peters upstairs to get something for Mrs. Wright. As they were upstairs they were talking about the battle of sexes. They also talk about how such crime had happened. Her instincts of being both a wife and as a lady have brought them to a more serious talk about the crime that had happened.

Being a role player to such character the actress should be motivated as she knows how it feels to be a wife and hoe does it feel as a lady and how to act as both personas. Being a lady, the actress who plays the role of Mrs. Hale must be someone who have a great knowledge regarding the attitude of a woman and how they look forward to their duties as a woman. The actress should be motivated in a way that she knows how to value her role as woman and as a lady and on the other hand she knows her role as a citizen.

Based from the characteristics of Mrs. Hale in the play, the actress should adapt her quality as being a woman who is strict in her gender and knows how to value herself. Mrs. Hale is a woman who has a very strong personality so the actress should motivate herself as being a woman who has a strong personality. Being an actress who will play the role of Mrs. Hale it should be clear to the actress that she has to be at the position of Mrs. Hale. She should know what Mrs. Hale feels as a woman regarding the topic about the idea of the crime which the suspect is a lady. The actress can use some self-made programs like thinking that the situation had happened in her real life before or maybe thinking the same situation that may be close to what had happened in the play.

Being able to do such action can help the actress play the role of Mrs. Hale in a more prolific manner and still makes it easier for her to act. As an actress she had to device such plans or ideas where she can easily put herself in the position of the character she has to play. An example of such idea is what actresses usually do to make it easier for them to portray such roles. Actresses rehearse their selves as if they have personally suffered the same situations that the character had gone. They internalize the scene and try their best to put their selves in the mood of the character.

As to Mrs. Peters, her characteristics as a character in the play are almost the same as to Mrs. Hale (Maillakais). She is a woman who has a very respect with regards to the dignity and role of a woman in the society they live. She thinks that women have different roles compared to men and that men do not have the right to do what a woman is doing because there are things that only women can do. She is also very bias and very protective when it comes to womens rights. As to what the writer wants it to be, she have shown in the play the inequality of sexes and with regards to this idea only actresses who have the same point of view as the writer can portray a good acting to the characters in the play.

In order to portray Mrs. Peters character the actress should motivate herself as a woman who seeks an unbalance treatment between men and women in the society. She has to be a feminist who wants women to be above men in different aspects. She must show in the play that she wants changes that will be an advantage to women. The actress must be very-well motivated to play a character that has a bias opinion upon the battle of sexes. The actress should also think the same as the how Mrs. Peters thinks. The actress should also be a feminist who will protect her fellow women even if it means to trick even your own husband.

In the end of the story, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters have found out what had really happened through the clues they find in the house of the Wrights. They have found several clues such as the dead bird and preserved fruits that may lead to their conclusion. That clues may be enough to tell them what had really happened and what brought them to these clues are their instincts of being women.

The story shows that no man can ever figure out what had really happened because men do not have the ability to read what is in womens mind. At the beginning of the story, the two ladies did not judge Mrs. Wright as how the men in the story think. They used casual talking with a bit of curiosity of what the things around them symbolize; while the men looked for clues to prove the guilt of Mrs. Wright for murdering her husband. And also the men in the play overlooked what they call small things such as knotting, worrying over preserved fruits, and household keeping.

As what the story implies, the actor or actress that should portray a certain role must understand well how the character requires ( They must show how the view of men regarding the case differs from the view of the women. The men should act as if they make conclusion hastily without understanding why the thing happened, while the women should act as if they were depending on feelings and instinct (Talley).

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