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Published: 2019-12-09 19:41:22
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To run an organization, the management of the labor plays a great role in reflecting on the output of the company.

            In the recent years, there are challenges due to technological, economic changes, competition and market trends. An organizations needs to cater for the needs of employees and ensure friendly supervision as well as freedom to the employees. To ensure high performance , this will involve attracting, developing and retaining a qualified and motivated workforce.

The top management foresees the needs of their employees and organizes for training and development sessions among others. The personal needs of the employees are taken care; they are involved in decision making and participate in organizations activities. Developing of the employees potential is very critical so that there is self actualization through job sharing, job enlargement and job-enriching.

An action plan is prepared so that recruiting, selecting, training and developing and rewarding of employees is recognized and done properly. Continued efforts at work between the management and staff helps to achieve organizational success locally and internationally through legal compliance and employee satisfaction.

            For high output, strategic management will aim to integrate the managerial planning and decision making and hence lead to forecasting, planning and acquisition of desired labor force. There are programs that ensure right number of individuals is available at the right place and right time, and this ensures effective running of an organization. Delays may be felt when fewer labor force is recruited while a high number would lead to labor wastage and incurred loses.

            A lengthy procedure that recruits and selects applicants ultimately identifies and selects prospective employees.

While carrying out the interview, actual screening and selection of appropriate candidates require good planning, availability of resources and qualified interviewers. For fair approval, discrimination of the candidates due to gender, age or nationality should be avoided.

            A safe and healthy working environment is a requirement by virtue of legal, social and political value especially due to exposure to hazardous substances or stress in the workplace. Safety equipment as well as accident prevention programs have been put forward to ensure safer environments.

       As a result of the competitive global economy, managing labors relations have been great concern especially because the economy is service oriented.

There is need to prioritize the needs of the organization and that of the employees and constructively analyzed and take them into consideration.

            The quality of some services offered may have negative environmental and human health effects and this has been felt in some social groups due to poverty in such regions. The well being of many people has been improved while others have been affected by the international trade. Competition for same resources may occur however this should be constructively managed so that one group does not benefit at the expense of the other.

            A great benefit in conserving the various groups is to inform the society to explicitly consider trade-offs between different regions and people as well as the labor force because this benefits the society.

            To help the organizations ability in service delivery, selection of the human resource especially is crucial. For example, those coming from a relatively poor region need the support of the management so as to increase their output.

 Technology has ensured continued identification, monitoring and reviewing of the services specified. Use of computer rather that manual operations has improved the quality and accuracy in the service delivered. The difference in biodiversity has not affected these operations and hence technology has offset the cost of service delivery.

            Over dependence on government funding or sponsorship while carrying out projects in regional areas may be frustrated as a result of extra costs in some regions of a country. Where the government sets out the priorities for investments in a certain year, the funds may not have been adequately allocated and hence may affect service delivery.


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