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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Construction has grown dramatically because of trends. It has been said By the year 2000, there were 10 times as many people on Earth as there were 300 years ago and As of October 2008, the worlds population is estimated to be about 6. 7 billion, the population of the world human population increased by 203,800 every day. Due to this reason contuctions have increased; building more homes, renewing buildings etc for the population. Clothe manufacturing has grown because of fashion, trends and profitability.

So many people need clothes around the world, for this reason clothes manufacturers increase and produce more clothes they are a number of manufactures in the world which produce different style of clothing which some are fashion e. g nike and addidas for instance, nike is a globally known brand and is worn by all ages starting from children to adults this brand has become very profitable for their business. clothes manufactures grow because of the human population in the world the more people the more they sell this is why clothe manufacturing is profitable.

Secondary sector-Decline Car manufacturing is declining in the UK because of technological developments and foreign imports. High tax rate is also another reason, car businesses in UK are decreasing because of various cars being imported from different countries, such as BMW, VW, Honda, Mercedes etc these cars are preferred by people living in the UK because it their high quality and economy. Other reasons is because of tax rate being too high which makes it hard to maintain a factory in the UK and car materials being too expensive to purchase and produce in this country.

Some businesses in the UK buy a share of companies abroad to import cars and make profit in the UK Mini disc is a music player; you can listen to music and record sound. Mini disc manufacturers are absolute declining because of technological developments. 2-3 years ago mini disc was a fashionable item to have; everybody used them to listen to music and was very popular. Now since technology has developed audio manufactures produced new products to listen to music such as cd players, Ipods, mobile phones and MP3 some of these items are popular and known globally, a percentage of the people use these items to listen to music.

Tertiary sector-Growth Online shopping is growing because of technological developments and lifestyle. Technology has developed in the last few years, online shopping has become more common and now it is easier and quicker to purchase products online, now you can buy all sorts of products on the internet clothe wears, accessories and foods, by using the internet people can shop easily. People prefer shopping on the internet rather than shopping in the markets because of long ques, spending money on travel and comfortability when shopping at home.

Estate agencies are growing because of trends and profitability. The human population has risen in the last 300 years; more homes have been built for this reason. So many people intend to purchase a house, so they can have a house of their own and a number of people buy houses from agents to sell them to private individuals and make profit. The statistics say a numerous of houses are being sold every year. Tertiary sector-Decline Music retail is declining because of technological developments.

3-4 years ago in most markets they were loads of music stores available providing various kinds of music in cds, tapes, cassettes etc, now since technology has developed music stores are less of its numbers because of computers and internets; these two components are used to download and listen to music, you can listen to different type of music off the internet for free. People dont need to buy cds to listen to music anymore they can just download it off the internet from different sources for free.

Analogue TV retailers are absolute declining because of technological developments and analogue TVs were very common and was used by everybody in the past. When technology developed TV manufacturers produced new high definition television with more specifications such as built in DVD players, blue ray, Radio etc. Analogues TVs are getting old and becoming unwanted products since everybody is interested in more advanced televisions.


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