To what extent do you feel that Piggy represent the qualities of sense and order in the island? Essay

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Piggy, in Lord Of The Flies, is one of the characters who is sensitive enough to feel the changes of the community as it moves towards the danger of being savage. Therefore he is one of the few who is able to sustain the community, preventing it from the approach of disorder, which can easily lead to death.

Piggy has the ability to think and identify solutions, his unattractive appearance and behaviour stops him from being a leader. Piggy shows a broad general knowledge. He is able to make use of the natural, surrounding tools that are available. For instance, he knows what a conch is and that it can be used to call an assembly. Although he cannot do it himself, he can show good, clear guidance to Ralph, who succeeds, following Piggys instruction. In a way, this is the first step to assemble the others in order to build a community.

Jack has similar features. He introduces the idea of using specs to light up a fire, showing a broad general know ledges, though he has the potential to be violent and savage, features that are associated with hunting, and which make him a character who contrasts with Piggy.

Piggy listens to the littluns, and is more patient with them than any other character in the novel, with the exception of Simon. Piggy stands up for the children, is always willing to listen, encourage and help when the littluns are in trouble. He shows his ordered nature at the beginning of the novel, when he immediately knows that the first thing to do is to take names of the kids, although this is not carried through due to the lack of respect felt for him by the others.

Piggy is sensitive with the littluns. He realises one of them is missing while the others simply do not consider the possibility. For example, when the child with the mark on his face has gone missing, Piggy is the only one who has sensed the changes. When Piggy mentions about it in the assembly, most of the community choose to ignore the fact as they feel threatened. Another reason that Piggy is unpopular in the community is that he is always the one who brings up the hidden problems, which most of the people fear and prefer not to mention.

Piggy also become more confident when the children are in trouble, he is assertive in the way he gives his opinion, even though he feels intimidated by Jack in some occasions in the novel. This is because he knows that Jack is prejudiced against him and that Jack hates both Ralph and himself. He is the one who can sense the attitude of the others and make an accurate analysis of it, which very few people can do.

Piggy is a good listener, especially to the littluns. He encourages Percival to speak up in the assembly and share the daunting experience he had, even though it takes him a long time to overcome the fear of speaking publicly. Piggy has the patience and does not interrupt, which is a quality that Jack and most of the older ones in the island lack. Listening is a vital quality in a community, even more crucial than the ability to making speeches. It is needed to strengthen the society as it brings the community out of danger, especially in a wild environment in an isolated island.

Piggy is sensitive; though sometimes he gets the wrong impression from the others. He misread their actions. When Ralph smiles at his fat and awkward behaviour, Piggy smiles back, taking it as an acceptance of his friendship. This may be due to Piggys desperation for friends. If only Piggy did not stand out and had a less unusual appearance and character, the whole plot may have been turned out differently. This is part of the barrier Piggy has to break in order to become a leader. Had he been more dignified, he might have gained respect from the others, and therefore been able to introduce orders and rules in the island, preventing the community from getting savage.

Piggy feels intimidated by Jack, and sense that Jack hates both Ralph and himself. This also stops Piggy from contributing the community. Once Jack has left the group, there is no one to embarrass him. Piggy then feels relief and contributes to the good of the society. He shows his contribution by giving sensible ideas, which are easily accepted by the littluns. This also motivates Piggy to participate more in the community, as he begins to gain respect from the others. Piggy also light the bush fire

for the first time on the island. Piggy is deeply influenced by Jack, as if Jack has power over him. Jacks absence is so powerful that people can act in a completely different attitude. For example, he shows great contribution in the community and is wiling to offer more and be participated. The littluns are dancing and singing around the fire again, which they did not do since the beginning of the novel, as though they were starting a new life again. Though he has the potential to bring sense and order into the community, the presence of Jack is a barrier to Piggy

Piggy has the ability to discipline the island and shape it into an adult world. This is how he is different from the rest of the boys, and what causes danger to him eventually. This is ironic. Piggys nature could unify the community were his advice to be accepted, but it could also cause severe damage due to his appearance and irritating behaviour.

Although Piggy has the ability to think and make decisions when needed, he does not follow through the ideas and orders with action, which is one of the reasons that he is not respected and so he is the target when crises arise. For instance, he approves of the building of shelters, but never puts it into action. When the ship has gone when the fire goes out, Piggys specs are needed. However, with his asthma and unhealthy body, it is too late by the time he reaches the mountain, which again leads to the others unfairly blaming him.

Piggy does have sense and a structured mind, but his misunderstanding of the true status of the others and because he is not a naturally appealing or chromatic character, he ironically causes danger to both himself and the community.

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