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Published: 2019-12-13 02:30:48
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1.A composite materials (or composite) is a structure of materials that is formed by twoor more different substances such as metal, glass, ceramic and polymer. 2.Some common composite materials are:

a.Reinforces concrete
c.Fibre opticd.Fibre glasse.Photochromic glass
1.Concrete is hard, fireproof, waterproof, comparatively cheap and easy to maintain. It ismore important construction materials. 2.The reinforces is a combination of concrete and steel.
1.Metal such as copper and aluminium are good conductor of electricity, but 20% of theelectric energy is lost in the form of heat during transmission. 2.Super conductor are materials that have no resistance to the flow of electricity at a particular temperature. Hence, 100% electricity transmission is possible. 3.One of the most dramatic properties of a superconductor is its ability to levitate amagnet.

Superconductor are used to build magnetically levitate high-speed train (atabout 552 km/h). 4.Superconductor are used to make chips for smaller and faster supercomputer.Superconductor also play an important role in high speed data processing in internetcommunication. 

1.Fibre optic is a composite material that in used to transmit signals for light wave. 2.Fibre optic is used in
a.Telecommunicate where the telephone substation are liked by fibre optic cables. b.Domestic cable television network
c.Closed circuit television security system.
3.Fibre optic also used in medical fields. It is used in a number of
instrument whichenable the investigation for internal body part without having to perform surgery.
1.Fibre glass is glass in the form of fine threads. Molten gas is dropped onto a refractoryrating disc when the glass flies off the disc glass to form fibre. 2.Fibre glass is strong than steel, do not burnt, stretch or rot, resistant to fire and water butis brittle .3.When fibre glass added to a plastic, a new composite material fibre glass reinforces plastic is formed. 4.Fibre glass reinforces plastic has more superior properties than glass and plastic. It is :- a.Extremely strong

b.Light weigh
c.Resistant to fire and water
d.Can be molded, shaped and twisted
1.When 0.01 to 0.1% of silver chloride (a type of photochromic substances) and a smallamount of copper (II) chloride are added to molten silicon dioxide, photochromic glassis formed. 2.The photochromic glass has a special properties. It darken when exposed to strongsunlight or ultraviolet. 3.Photochromic glass is suitable for making sunglasses

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