Thesis: Hashish and Midterm Janice Smith Essay

Published: 2020-02-14 08:02:47
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This article is an excellent source of information. It is recently dated, so I know that the information is up to date. The article goes in depth as to how marijuana is being used to treat medical conditions which is a part of my thesis. The author also cites many reliable sources to support his views. Starobin, Paul. (6/26/2010). California Goes To Pot. National Journal. Pg. 17. Retrieved from http: libsys. uah. edu. kaplan. uah. edu/kaplan/ California Goes to Pot is an article that was written within the last 7 months.

It contains information that is recent. The article gave me a lot of statistical information, which I need to back up my thesis statement. It talks about the costs involved from the police level all the way to the corrections level. This is also part of my thesis statement. Paul Starobin cites a variety of reliable resources, which also support my views. Gieringer, Dale, Phd. Economics of Cannabis Legalization. Retrieved from norml. rg I am a member of norml and I absolutely trust this website to give me the most reliable information about marijuana.

Everyday there is a new article or information. This article was written by a reliable author. Economics of Cannabis Legalization discusses how the economy would be impacted if marijuana were to be legalized. This information will help with my thesis. Austin, James, Phd. Rethinking the Consequences of Decriminalizing Marijuana. (11/2/2005). Retrieved from norml. org Another great article from norml.

It is a few years old, but I got a lot of information regarding national statistics about how much money could be put into the economy and how this information is gathered. He cites many sources as well which brought me to newer statistical data. These are just a few of the sources that I will be using for my final paper. I found a plethora of information regarding this subject. I had to cut my paper down. I did that by just using the most up to date data I could find to support my thesis.

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