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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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There are certain actions we take during our youth that we come to regret later on in life. Usually, such mistakes are attributed to the follies of youth and can simply be looked back on in hindsight. For most people, they can look back at that particular event and simply shrug it off and chalk it off to experience. I cannot accept that I made that kind of mistake in my life because I feel that if I had made the right decision then, I would not be regretting the repercussions I am facing now.

I was a wide-eyed 17 year old when I decided to sign up for boot camp. I was thrilled at the idea of being able to serve my country even though at the time, I was not conscious of what that actually meant. 2 weeks after I arrived at boot camp, America was struck terrorists. 9/11 was the biggest nightmare everyone both in the civilian and military field had to deal with. While I was trying to train and concentrate on learning the art of war, a lot of things were going on with my family back home.

I was also being pressured to come home by my parents who feared that I would be sent off to Afghanistan. The last think they wanted was to lose a daughter to the war and truth be told, I could feel their fear because I too was afraid of what the cards of fate may have been holding for my future. I began to have bouts of depression and my officers noticed a marked change in my personality. They knew that I was not fit to serve. So at the age of 18, before I could see any real action, I was discharged from the service due to a medically documented Personality Disorder.

It was a case of Too young, too soon for me and I was so confused regarding what I really wanted to be and do that I had to be placed by the military doctor on Zoloft medication in order to deal with my anxiety and depression. After I left the service, I got over the depression and started to lead a normal civilian life. The thought of what might have been had I not left the service still continues to haunt me so at the age of 24, I want to go back to what I had left and try to see if I can still follow the road and see where it takes me.

In fact, as early as 2 years before I got married, I had already contemplated going back to the service as a National Guard but put it off because I told myself that when I went and got myself that waiver, I was going to do it for all the right reasons and that I would not make the same mistake twice. So when I was sure that I had the courage to go get the waiver and see my decision through to the end, I called my husband and relatives to a conclave.

I explained to them that I wanted to seek stability in my life. I associated this stability with the opportunity to pick up where I left off, that is, serving my country regardless of the danger to my person. My time for soul searching is over, it is now time for me to prove that I have what it takes to survive in this world on my own. My husband did not need much convincing because he was raised in a military family and fully supports my efforts to have a career in a field that will make me happy.

My parents are still worried about me and are not sure that I am over my personality disorder but after I presented them with my civilian doctors certification that I was fit to serve in the military (see attached certification) , they finally backed down and gave me their blessing. I am presenting myself to you with the hopes that you will also see beyond my youthful error of ways and grant me this second chance to prove that I can be of service to my country in the best way possible. That is by allowing me to return to active duty and service in the military under the National Guard.

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