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Published: 2020-02-07 07:41:42
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This chapter explains the wholeness of the project where in it explain the background of the company and the project. In realization, Yollys Pancit Malabon Restaurant has been using manual system since they started to open this business. Traditionally, the firm had not use a computerized system to support the needs of the customer in daily transaction. Introduction

The Yollys Pancit Malabon Restaurant is a family business. It is owned and managed by Cruz Family. This business is located at Specialist Building Santiago Boulevard General Santos City. Like many fast food establishment in the the area, Yollys Pancit Malabon is slowly growing numbers of competitor, the food establishment had experience problem pertaining to billing. Software Development (SD) is playing a crucial role in contemporary society. It has transformed the whole world into a global village with a global economy, which is increasing dependent on the creative management and distribution of formation. Globalization of the world economies has greatly enhanced the value of information to business organization and has offered new business opportunities.

Background of the Study

These days, firms or other sectors use computer for precise transactions though several system were develop, progressed and recognized. Everywhere you turn now a days, computer are at work. The computer and Internet have affected our way of working, communicating, playing and also writing. In fact, computers are used in every aspect of life today. Our project proposal is what we called Restaurant Management Billing System of Yollys Pancit Malabon. A computerized billing system that allows a business establishment to record the cancellation of order, discount to those costumer who are always buy the product, reservation for event, and generating billing receipts. It means that their inventory system maintain continous records Statement of the Problem

* Did all files and records are secured?
* Did some previews inventory files are misplaced?
* Did the order and the billings are can detected the errors?
* Did the monitoring the billing and the order can encounter difficulties?
* Did the daily sales recording consuming lesser time?

* Did the billing system will be used when incase of power interruption?
Objectives of the Study
There are two types of objectives of this study and these are the following: General Objectives
* This project generally aims to create and design a computerize billing restaurant management billing system for Yollys Pancit Malabon * Outcomes in implementing this automated Restaurant Billing System may vary on the performance of the business, and as a researcher and developer we are responsible to take the best of our objective.

Specific Objectives

* To develop a billing system that can fastly generates receipts. * To develop a billing system to meet the needs Yollys Pancit Malabon restaurant like record the order, reservation for the event, give discount to costumer, update and edit the records and to fasten the records and print reports and to able to identify the risk of the project. * To create a well secured computerizes management billing system.

Hypothesis of the Study

The study will be grounded on the following hypothesis:

Alternative Hypothesis

* The system will help to find ways to improve their billing system in recording. * The system will help to easy to scan and organize compared to the manual process of recording the order of the customers, currently used by the restaurant. * That the proposed system will improve the billing process and provide information on the items or the food on order. That it reduces the man hours required for inputting order.

Null Hypothesis
The null hypothesis of the system is as follows:

* This system can only be used by the person who is knowledgeable in using a computer or the system. * The user will only be able to optimize the system if proper trained. * This system will help manage the data in a short span of time if the user knows how to use properly the system. * The system will help to keep the daily transaction if the management will properly save the files. * Some the system may encounter problems, which may cause malfunctioning of the program. * If there would be a power interruption, the system will not function because it needs electricity for it works. * Where the memory of the system is full, eventually the system will malfunction imperfectly.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The scope and delimitation of the study speaks about the capabilities of the proponents system proposed and also the limits of what the system can do..

This system has the following capabilities:

* The system has log in and log out function for the management and user. * The system can shows information and fields records of the foods that sold, cancellation of order, reservation of venue or foods, with discount to those customers who are always buy the product, billing generates receipts, and offer combo meals to those costumer who are large size of groups and free delivery order. * The system can properly record all of the daily transaction. * The system can generate receipts.

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