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Published: 2020-01-24 21:51:56
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In the last fifty years the world has undergone a great deal of transformation. There has been incredible progress in almost all spheres of life. The vistas of knowledge and advancement have grown beyond human imagination. What has been witnessed in the past five decades stands testimony to the fact that however wild imagination may be, it only takes a little time to come true. From what were merely stories of yesterday, which go popularly under the name of science fiction or sci-fi, the musings have become reality today. And what does one know; one day the sci-fi movies that are made today may no longer appeal, as they would already become reality. With technology reinventing itself every few weeks, it is quite likely that in another five decades the world is going to be a changed place.

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Life is actually going to be very cushy, as the physical movement to accomplish task would have minimized. The quality of life would have improved tremendously, as all the objects of material comforts are at hand. Automation is expected to banish the word drudgery for all times to come. Man is scaling the ladder of scientific progress by leaps and bounds. With the enhanced understanding of the human body we are likely to lead healthier lives. Cures for diseases would not be as difficult or unaffordable as they are now. In all probability, robots and computer controlled machines would be programmed to perform risky operations and procedures with amazing precision and accuracy.

There will be 3-D screens with different locations. Everyone will have their cell phone stuck to their front tooth at all times so they can talk to anyone anywhere, anytime, and its waterproof, of course, so even in the shower or while swimming in the pool. CARs will fly, so one can better have smashed-shingles insurances on his house. Pet will wear a collar that will tell the level of whether or not its hungry, thirsty, tired, agitated or in pain using a computerized chip. Toys will do all the talking, thinking and respond emotionally to kids so kids wont actually have to think about how to play with their toys, and get bored so you have more time as a parent to do what you want to.

Contact lenses could give us the dreams we want with visual scenes through our eyes to our brain. Google, the popular search engine, will have the ability to search for intelligent life on other solar systems and give us humans here data on alien information collected. Everyone will have to pay to see real trees and virtual animals at the Eco-museum since all wildlife will have gone extinct with our pollutionall real trees will have been replaced by artificial trees of exact trimming and that provide ample amounts of shade.

All trash bags will be scentedthis reduces that strange garbage smell you always get no matter what is in it. A project would be launched decided to send all of our garbage into space; instead of recycling.

The scientists would have invented a new way of seeding clouds to force rain. So, this new process of seeding the clouds began. We had a massive hole in the ozone layer (greenhouse effect). This hole was the result of the large amounts of Methane produced in the new cloud seeding method. On the other hand in the year 2050, the global warming effects on the climate will become complex. The rain, the stormy and the sunlight will increase day by day. On the other hand, people will easily get different kinds of disease. The global warming will affect the nations of the world. The forests will disappear because the water will get polluted. The animals will disappear because they lost their home (the forest) and their food and water. The global warming will affect human life. In the future, the weather change every day. Sometimes, when you go outside on the street then the rain will come fast and then stop faster.

Sometime, when you watch TV, and then see that outside it is raining; soon you turn your head to see the weather then its sunshine. In 2050, everybody will not know the weather is good or not on that day. The global warming will make the forests disappear. In the future, the water will be polluted. We all know that plants need water. Many plants cant grow well. The result is all plants death. The forest will disappear. The world will look like a desert. In the year 2050, we cant breathe the fresh air on the street. The reason is the global warming affects the air polluted. Every one needed to wear sunglasses because the sun is too shiny and bright. Also everyone must bring clear water to go to the street. The reason is the sun is too shiny and that makes the body easily lose water.

We all know that water is so important to the human body. We can survive without eating for three weeks. However, we cant live without drinking water for three days. Now, in the year 2050 the temperature of our planet is going up. This is helping to melt the polar ice caps and the glaciers and because of that now the sea levels are higher by 2-4 inches worldwide. As a result, we have to face very dangerous floods, which destroy our plants, crops, trees, and even our houses. After these big floods, people dont have anything to eat because of the lack of food. The climate of our planet is getting worse and worse each day. The global warming (greenhouse effect) has increased the temperature and decreased the life conditions. The flooding has destroyed many cities, islands, plants, and trees. High temperature has caused the death of animals, birds, insects, and people. Also the main bases of food are crushed.

In conclusion, it seems technology is coming too fast toward us. We need to slow down and take the time to consider whether it is good or harmful for the earth and us. All the bad consequences we have are really a good lesson for us. We really have to think about how we can save our planet from the greenhouse effect and go back to normal. The worst consequences of greenhouse effect could lead to human destruction, food destruction, and also to the animal destruction. We really have to take this problem very seriously. I know it is very hard today to take things back from the people that they are used to, but still we have to decrease our technology. Although decreasing technology might make our economy go down, what are we going to do with the money and technology if we do not have our home? We must start conserving energy and protecting the environment.

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