The Value of Community Service Essay

Published: 2020-01-26 19:10:03
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It has been said that one of the best satisfactions that you will receive in life is when you see the smile of the person you have just helped. I have had the pleasure of experiencing the joy of helping others as I am actively involved in community service. I have imparted my knowledge to young people who needed my help by offering them tutorial services. I have also helped restored the homes of those ravaged by calamities or have been impoverished and in effect, helped brighten their future.

Moreover, my experience in Dutch Wonderland, a park in which I am a crew member, has enabled me to contribute to the restoration a museum and also given me knowledge on landscaping. Furthermore, having been a cashier at a local store, Cold Stone Creamery, I was able to interact with a diverse group of people. I was able to learn the culture and lifestyle of the people I work with and the people I meet at my work. In this regard, I learned more to welcome and appreciate the different races and I became involved in projects that support the diversity of races.

I have also been involved in other charitable projects such as food distribution during Christmas, coat giving, and book drives, among others. My experience with various forms of community service has made me grow better as a person and I will continue my involvement in these activities as I enter college. I believe that community service is a noble act and there is no greater joy than seeing the happy faces of the people you have just helped.

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