The Summer Beaches Of Jacksonville Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The white sands of the summer beach of Jacksonville beckon the wanderlust heart to migrate and stay forever. It lies between the Intra-Coastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean and is a hub for both business and pleasure. It is also a great place to stay with all the amenities provided by the municipality. The coastal weather is excellent for a healthy living.

The weather and atmosphere of this beach city reminds of the Bryan Adams song Summer of 69. The good old memories will always flood your mind when you stand at the beach front hotels and face the serene sea. There are numerous archaic buildings and hotels, which adds to the tranquil mood of the city. The summer beach of Jacksonville has developed over the years and has transformed into an international standard beach resort area, which has gained popularity because of its vibrant atmosphere, great cuisine and plush living.

It is also a great place for surfing, though the waves are not very huge, yet the experience is really exhilarating. Entertainment is a part the city life. The spring and summer is always in the festive mood. The Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion holds concerts from various bands and it can be seen for free. Also, featured are the music, food and fun mood of the spring season. It is not worth missing the variety of seafood that this city offers to its citizens and the guests. The restaurants are many, and each has their unique style of food preparation.

The Jacksonville Beach is the party town of the city. Restaurants and nightclubs are located mostly around the Beach Blvd. and spreads both to the northern and the southern region. Luxury living has always been the part and parcel of the Jacksonville culture. In the 50s and the 60s there was lot of sleaze involved with this city, but it is history now. Tourists and business people now flock the city. Lodging was never a problem in Jacksonville. From beach front hotels to city lodges, accommodation is plenty.

Form international chain hotels to cheap motels, one can find place to fit any budget. Another major summer beach attraction that is known across the world is the annual Sandcastle Building contest. This is held at the end of the Beach Boulevard and artists and sandcastle builders gather there to show their artistic endeavors. This is celebrated as the Opening of the Beaches ceremony, though the beach is never closed. Imagination flows wild and one can see elaborate and exotic designs getting created on the lovely sand beaches of Jacksonville. The entire day is spent enjoying and having fun with family and friends.

It is not always fun and frolic at the beaches. Summer beach run is a massive event organized by Carrabbass Italian Grill and it attracts people from various places. The participation is done whole heartedly. The awards may not be huge, yet the feeling is really exhilarating. One can enjoy the friendly competition while enjoying the gourmet foods available on the beach. Whatever may be your age or mood, you are surely going to enjoy the summer time on the Jacksonville Beach of Florida.  It is like a dream come true for most wanderlust hearts.

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