The Stoppage of Joseph Kony: Invisible Children Essay

Published: 2019-11-30 23:42:15
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Invisible Children uses videos, creativity and social events to put an end of child soldiers that Joseph Kony have abducted and restore peace back into Central Africa. They are activists and everyday people who use different types of media to inspire people of different ages to help stop Joseph Kony. They tour around the world to make documentaries to end his terrible ways. Invisible Children started in the spring of 2003 when three filmmakers went to Africa for a story.

It was only supposed to be an adventure until they came across one of the largest-running-war in Africa where children are the victims and a majority of the time the weapons. Joseph Rao Kony was born in 196 Odek in northern Uganda. His first raid was in the city of Gulu. In 2007 he was thought to have 88 wives and 42 children. He is the leader of Lords Resistance Army (LRA). He has been abducting kids for many years. He takes little girls and molests them, he gets the little boys then he makes them kill their parents and join his army.

He believes and calls himself as a spokesperson of God and a spirit medium. Approximately 66,000 children became soldiers and two million people abducted since 1986. Kony has never been captured for his wrong doings. In 1986 is the year he first went into prominence. Konys group was originally called the United Holy Salvation Army (UHSA), and was not perceived as a threat by the NRA. By 1988 it had become a major player in Ugandan affairs: an agreement between the NRA and the Uganda Peoples Democratic Army (UPDA) left members of the UPDA unsatisfied, and many joined the UHSA as a form of rebellion.

One such person was Commander Odong Latek, who convinced Kony to use standard military tactics instead of attacking in cross-shaped formations and sprinkling holy water. The new tactics proved successful, and the UHSA completed several small victories against the NRA (The New York Times. October 13, 2011). Joseph Kony is a terrible human being who needs to be stopped immediately! He has deprived young kids of their childhood and has made them murder them parents.

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