The Significance of African American History Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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GET MY ESSAY defined the word history as continuous systematic narrative of past events as relation to a particular people, country, period, person, according to the meaning of the word History, it full knowledge will improve African American status. Despite the transition of Africans from West Africa to America and used them as slaves to work on tobacco and sugar plantations for many years, they had the privilege to be a part of this grate and powerful nation which empower them economically, on cultural plan and a standard of civilization.

The economic aspect can be remarkable in many ways. In the book the African American Odyssey By Darlene Clark Hine, William C. Hine, Stanley Harold on page six said that West Africans were making iron tools long before European arrived Therefore African Americans worked very and used their abilities and techniques and applied them to their had duties that they had here. Blacks increased the growth of the American Nation, one example of that is how they built the white house and other various things we use in the U.S today. All their contributions increased the progress of the economy.

There are a number of aspects of African American cultures that were highlighted by the period of slavery. The outcome is a powerful and unique culture that continues to have a positive effect on conventional American culture, not only to that, it extends to the broader world as well.

Tough slaves played an important role in it altogether, which restricted the African Americans to practice their rich culture in America, their culture has still survived, be it their beliefs, values other practices of the society, and cultural traditions have mixed beautifully with the European American culture. Fore instance in food industry, we have French bread. When it comes to fast food, we also have a French word called French fry.

Elements of civilization can also be characterized in different perspectives. After slavery African-Americans continued to prosper. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 African Americans now began too share the same legal rights with white Americans. For example voting rights were permitted for African Americans. Also integrated schools were becoming more and more common as time progressed. These rights, laws and rights to education gave people like George Washington Carver chances and opportunities to have honorable personalities.

In Conclusion With all these events playing out from slavery to freedom blacks have come along way. They helped the economic stand point of this nation in ways of their labor that they provided, they helped socially by bringing the African culture to America bringing things like food, and music, ect. The emancipation of blacks opened many doors, African Americans took a great toll, coming from such a dark past and and still being able to grasp the torch of education, and knowledge gave people like Barack Obama the right to sit in the seat he is in today. In my opinion the trial and triumphs they encountered were all preparations for us to conquer the future.

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