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Published: 2019-12-24 12:20:06
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The story was set in unnamed ship among with the captain, his crew, Leggatt and a strange incident. In the plot, the new captain aboard fortnight before a mysterious scenario happened. The ship headed to Gulf of Siam (Gulf of Thailand). In the story, the unnamed ship comes across with the ship of Sephora, from Liverpool, shipping a cargo of coal. Voice of the Storyteller The author is the voice of the storyteller, uses third person, narrating the story and the protagonist. The author / narrator make use of doppelganger theme a characters alter ego.

The author provoke the reader to contemplate on his / her own alter ego, battle for being hesitant and aggressive, balanced rational and irrational views and maintain some sort steadiness. The author wanted the reader to realize that ones personality is being developed not only in relating to other people but also created when one chooses what qualities he / she would like to possess. Character Analyses The Captain The new captain was described as immature, inexperienced, not respected and undermined by his crew.

In order to feel ease, he himself maneuver to learn the ship and attempt to earn their trust. After he met Leggatt, his behavior changed. He becomes more bold, sneaky and courageous. He began to be a captain, first in command. Because of Leggatt, he began to direct orders to his crew with uprightness and eventually gained their respect. Leggatt Leggatt is the exact opposite of the captain. He acts according to his innate sense of judgment, disregarding anything that is rational. He once describes a strong man.

His physical strength exactly reflects his emotional strength. Leggatt had a different way of decision making. He does not be bothered for written rules and regulations whenever his people are at jeopardy. The Skipper of the Sephora The Skipper depicts a weak, coward, and acquittal person who hide behind the law. He deserted Leggatt in order to take first in command in Sephora. Even though he knows Leggatt saved the ship, hed once denied Leggatt and lay blame on their chief mate.

Aforementioned, the Skipper does not make his own decisions because his crew and wife bullied him. The Second Mate The Captains second mate represents people without respect to an officer. When the captain asked his second mate about the Ship of Sephora, he sneers and giggles as if the captain is ignorant, unknowledgeable. The Chief Mate Like the Captains second mate, the Chief mate doubted and do not trust the captains ability to direct orders and maneuver the ship. Although a minor character in the story, the chief mate is a mock-up of a worrier.

Main Conflicts After the arrival of the Skipper of Sephora to locate Leggatt in the captains ship, they built a state of enmity without hostilities. The skipper is suspicious on the captains acts and responses. The captain is still trying to mislead the skipper. In return for the kindness of Leggatt, the captain insisted to anchor the ship at Koh-ring. Climax At the night for Leggatts escape, the captains chief mate, second mate and the rest of his crew headed to Koh-ring even though his crew was against with it.

Their navigation was too difficult that even their sight is being covered by darkness. At the time Leggatt was about to leave, the captain was able to find a hat which he gave to Leggatt. The captain uses the hat as mark for him to steer the ship. The captain after the event managed to command his ship without hesitations. Summary / Conclusion From being inexperienced, disrespectful and without trust to him, weve keep an eye to the captain. The author / narrator of The Secret Sharer wanted to exemplify different qualities, behavior and characters of different individuals.

Weve seen in the story rational, irrational, strong, weak, bold and faint-hearted personalities each of the character portrays. Weve seen also the dual nature of man. From being timid afterward developed sense of boldness. The story represents development and continuous changes. A person possesses his / her own characteristics / traits / practices / behaviors / decisions which he / she uses but, in order to achieve something he couldnt achieve with his limitations, he / she needed to somewhat adjust. We all possess our alter ego; we used it when it is needed.

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