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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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For our project we made a wooden car that would carry our egg at least 5 meters. Our car was purple, pink and contained glitter. Miranda painted the car so the top was purple with silver glitter and the sides were pink. We also put wings on the side which were light purple and gave the car more character. To give the car a rider we also added a littlest pet shop dog which was glued to the front. I would have to say our car was the cutest. For our car we decided to make it a rubber band car since that would give it the most mechanical and potential energy. The rubber bands were to act as our potential energy since it stored all the energy as we pulled it back to wind it up. The whole car then would be running on mechanical energy. As the rubber bands unwind, it turns the rear axle of the car which then drives the rear tires to move the car. Miranda made sure to get the car to only go forward by figuring out the right amount over rubber bands and how tight to make them.

Another way to not make sure the car went a different direction was to make sure the bands released and didnt get twisted back up. If they did that would result in a car that went backwards. The tighter we got them the father the car would go. It turned out to be about 4 bands that were tied together. The car was able to go because of the force that was being built up with the bands as they tightened. The back wheels were also put on tight so the car went straight and the axle was secured with glue to the rotating piece of wood. The only force acting on the car were the bands and with the cement ground there was no friction, so the car had a smooth ride. The speed did slow down however after the initial take off but we wanted it to go slower as it approached the wall for the safety of the egg. Overall our project went really well.

Our car out of all the classes was 4 for distance and 3 for closeness to the wall so I would say our project went pretty well. The second trial was better than the first only because 23 feet was too close and it needed to be pulled back. Once we moved the car back to 26 feet it got .3 cm away from the wall after bumping it. It was still too close because it did dent the egg but didnt crack it. Our car had the right amount of weight to carry the egg so it wasnt off balance and the axle in back along with the bands were perfect on the day of the release. Overall I think our car was perfect and did exactly what we wanted. The only thing that would have made our car better would be to move it back farther since it seemed to still tap the wall.

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