The rise of the pigs and their dictatorship Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Through out George Orwells Animal Farm the pigs, the heads of Animal Farm, repeatedly break and modify commandments to their need. The pigs also give themselves special privileges and force work upon the other animals; true signs of a dictatorship. Previous to these pig leaders the animals had rebelled against their farm owner in attempt to rid their lives of the cruel the dictatorship they suffered under, and restore their lives in a democratic-like fashion. As the post-revolution era progressed, the pigs broke laws, acted superior, and worked the animals harder than ever; leaving the inferior animals, every animal besides the pigs, with no say in anything. It was the sheer reliance on hope and brainwashed minds the animals possessed that allowed the pigs to totally dominate the rest of the animals, entirely unsuspecting.

From start to end of Napoleons reign he had changed his original seven commandments at his leisure. That alone should have spurred controversy; however, the lack of education allowed Napoleon to pull off such a feat over the animals. Although, if the animals had taken the time to learn to read, instead of following blindly, they could have questioned Napoleon and back up their argument, putting Napoleon in a very tough spot. For, if Napoleon continued such actions and the animals had the ability to read, Napoleon would most likely either be overthrown or killed. Showing, that one of the main factors in Napoleons running a tyranny was the ignorance of the animals.

As soon as the pigs took power, they showed signs of superiority, originating with the taking of the milk and apples. When asked why only the pigs will receive milk and apples the simple answer was that they needed it to think; after all, they were the brains of the revolution. No one should trust anyone too much, and the animals should have recalled Old Majors speaking of equality, not favoritism. As the story progressed, the pigs continued to become man like and corrupt, but it was too late for the rest of the animals, they were all brainwashed. However, if they remembered the speech instead of just following whatever Napoleon said they would never have been enslaved as they were.

Through out the novel the pigs had given themselves special privileges, however; they also began to order the other animals around. At first, the pigs convinced the animals now they would work together, and for themselves, not for Mr. Jones. However, the pigs were more than happy to replace Mr. Jones, and work the animals harder, and on less food; taking all the benefits for themselves. The pigs were able to accomplish this because the animals had this idea that they were doing everything for themselves, but they did not even realize they were being forced to work, and they thought the food ration cuts were necessary, and for everyone. Although, with all these suspicious happenings, the animals should have demanded an explanation, as well as equal food rations; especially because the pigs no longer had much work left, seeing as how Animal Farm was already moving smoothly.

It is evident that the pigs abused their power and acted as dictators over the animals. However, due to propaganda and a fear based reign, the pigs were able to control the animals and leave them in such a situation. As mentioned before, one should never trust anyone too much, especially when it determines the way one lives their life. For the animals had too much trust pigs, one should never over rule suspicion, maybe temporarily, but sooner or later ones insinuation must be stated. If one stays silent they will be taken advantage of, if one is oppressed they must retaliate; if not, retaliation will be harder as time progresses.

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