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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The revolution in France during the year 1789 had numerous long term causes. The causes consisted of Weak Leadership in the monarchy, the poor economical status of the country, and the spreading of the ideas brought forth during the Enlightenment Era. These problems and many others contributed to the beginning of the French Revolution due to the heavy burden placed on the third estate by the first and second estates as well as by the monarchy. In 1789, the Bourgeoisie led the third estate into the official beginning of the French Revolution. One of the main causes to the French Revolution was weak leadership. King Lois XVI was absolute. He ruled by divine right. (Document 1) King Lois XVI didnt posses political training. Also, King Lois got bored easily and was extremely indecisive. France didnt have universal laws.

France had laws only by region. The combination of all of these problems caused France to suffer under his leadership. Another problem within France that directly relates to the poor leadership was the Economy. A major influence in the French Revolution was the economy. France during the reign of King Lois XVI and Marie Antoinette was in great debt. First off, there was the taxation problem. 100% of taxes were paid by the third estate (Document 3). This had the cost of living very difficult to handle for many families. Another issue was the deficit spending. The absolute monarchy spent much more money than they had, thus driving France further into debt.

Along with that, Queen Marie Antoinette had a severe gambling problem, often gambling away tax money. At the beginning of the French Revolution, the National Assembly brought forward a new point. That the taille be borne equally by all classes. (Document 4). Also, at the beginning of the French Revolution was the spreading of enlightenment ideas. The revolution had been completed and won in the minds of many innovative individuals far before it happened for real. (Document 5) The enlightenment era had brought forth many ideas that led to the start of the revolution. A liberal named John Locke had said that the government wasnt allowing the natural rights of citizens, Life, Liberty, and property. Mary Wollstonecraft petitioned for the rights of women because even in these times of innovation, women were not equal in the eyes of men and the government. Ideas were spread that the church was wrong about its teaching and wrong about the selling of indulgences.

A philosopher named Galileo even contradicted the idea of the geocentric universe saying that everything revolved around the sun in a heliocentric universe. The enlightenment era brought many ideas that helped bring the French Revolution to a beginning. The French Revolution in 1789 had many long term causes. One was weak leadership; King Lois XVI had no political training. France was in a horrible debt due to deficit spending and the Queens gambling problem. Also, ideas of the enlightenment were spread by people like John Locke and Mary Wollstonecraft. Galileo also contradicted the belief of the geocentric universe spread by the church. These ideas and the heavy burden on the third estate helped to start the French Revolution.

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