The Representation of Women Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In scene eight you could see the change of character performance between both characters when the wife gives her husband the Folgers coffee. The husband looks pleased with the coffee his wife gave him and even kissed her cheeks to show his grateful and the wife blushing at the kiss she got was glad that she has pleased her husband with a descent coffee. This represents womens in the 50s to do whatsoever to please their husband. In the ending of the Folgers advert a man says insert Folgers taste good as fresh perked.

This is important because a women in the fiftys was not considered superior than mans thus making the remark that a mans voice was used at the end of the advert and not a womans. Even through women was portrayed as the main character in the advert she was still considered a housewife that didnt please her husband at the beginning because she didnt give a Folgers coffee. This represents women in the 1950s to be inferior to mans. The technique used in the Folgers advert is pervasive language to sell the product to mens that want their wife to make better coffee and wives that want to please their husband.

The beginning of the advert it shows a disappointed husband that doesnt like his wife coffee and a wife that would willing do anything to please her husband. In the end the characters performance take a leap to better as the husband leans down to kiss his blushing wifes cheeks. This shows the audience that a better tasting coffee like the Folgers would make a better living style for married couple. Diet coke The 2009 diet coke advert takes a different approach to how womens in the twenty-first century behave compared to the twentieth century were womens were expected to be married and pleasing their husband.

In the kitchen scene were the shirtless man wearing black trousers was trying to open a jar of pickles and women wearing what probably is his t-shirt, which could signify the change in role, opened the jar with ace. The two shot demonstrates how superior the women are and the manly strength she has at opening the jar. This represent shows the role of womens changed in the twenty-first century making them equal and slightly more superior to mans. The two shot used in the wedding demonstrates the relationship of the characters to the audience.

The bride in the scene looks playful as she make goofy faces unlike the groom who looks to be taking the wedding more serious. Again this shows the reserve of roles as women are known to take the whole wedding notion serious and mans more relax and playful. This is a complete turn over from the 1920s Listerine advert were in Edna condition womens were being shown at that time to love the idea of marriage and wouldnt goof around because they wanted to impress their husbands. This represents womens to be more cheering and not fussy person about marriage and weddings.

The shot used in the wedding scene again shows the cheering and goofy behaviour of the bride that is dressed in a white wedding gown and the serious behaviour of the groom that is wearing a grey suit. The reserve role of the characters shows that the relationship looks fun and perky by the bride and the groom probably being serious because he wants to impress his wife. This is completely different from a bride and groom would behaviour in a typical 1950s because the bride would want to impress her husband and please him at the same time with wedding pictures and the event so would be taking the whole wedding more serious.

This represents that womens in the 2009 to be more relax and stress-free. The over-the-shoulder shot shows the women in an office with two mans that are looking up at her while she present something to them. This could connote that she is the boss because they are looking up at her. This is unlikely to happen in a 50s society because womens were expected look after their husband and children. The outfit the two women are wearing in the scene are a black suit which signifies power and wealth, representing women to be powerful and wealthy.

The technique used in the advert is to empowering womens and overcoming the stereotypes. The change in the role shows that womens are equal and slightly more superior to mans. This is clearly shown the scenes of the advert. The advert is obviously positive as it gives a new light to the image of womens. The representation of women has changed from being desperate to their husband, pleasing their spouse and independent that their able to make their choices and even be the bosses of mens. This is shown in all the three adverts. So in general womens change advertisement.

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