The Picture of Dorian Grey Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The Picture of Dorian Grey is one of the most interesting masterpieces of Oscar Wilde and has the greatest value as the only published novel, written by this author. If the reader is familiar with this book, than he, perhaps, would also know that the book has gone through a series of revisions by the author himself. Oscar Wilde added an entire chapter to his story that provided the reader with the insight into the feelings and emotions of the main character.

What is this book about? One could say that the book tells a story of a young handsome man, who sold his soul for the opportunity to maintain his beauty and remain young. It is an extremely superficial perception of the book, and should rather be called a review. In fact, if we dig deeper into the philosophical aspects of the book, we can see a strong link and examine of values and fears that the power of nature imposes on human beings. Oscar Wilde disclosed and pinpointed two major drivers of human self-value proposition: appearance and feeling. By incorporating the aestheticism and the concept of double life, Oscar Wilde opposes feelings and delusions in the most open and explicit manner, and with that shows his reader the power that passions and illusions have over human beings.

The book takes the reader through the journey of influence and responsibility and covers immoral aspects of these notions as a part of the personality of Dorian Grey and Basil Hallward. The question of who to blame and hold responsible for particular actions is raised several times and analysed between the lines in a very detailed manner. In other words, The Picture of Dorian Grey is the story of human weaknesses and strengths, mistakes and their consequences, everything that we can still find in our daily lives. It makes this book and the author immortal.

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